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Laura Hymas’ real life story about how she has been diagnosed with a brain tumour – and is raising money for treatment in the US – appears in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper today.

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Laura Hymas is living with an inoperable brain tumour.

Many people will be aware of how this story had already touched the nation’s hearts – even before it appeared in the Daily Mirror today. Such is the power of the Internet this story has popped up thousands of Facebook accounts. And thanks to the concern of celebrities such as comedian Rufus Hound – who has flagged it up to his quarter of a million Twitter users- it has spread throughout Twitter like wildfire.
And it is a very emotional story. Until Christmas Eve Laura, 24, was living a normal happy life with her adorable young son Jacob and her fiance Ben. But then, having experienced a host of strange symptoms since Jacob was born, such as exhaustion, loss of balance and weakness in her arm, tests showed she had a brain tumour. In April she was then given the devastating diagnosis by UK doctors that apart from some chemo and radiotherapy to try to shrink the tumour a little, there is nothing they can do. It goes too far into her brain to be safely removed by surgery and is it aggressive and growing.
However, rather than give up all hope, Ben and Laura have found a clinic in the States that has offered to help. The treatment at this clinic is still in trials and it is controversial as some people believe it is unproven and expensive.
But Ben and Laura have, quite understandably, decided that even if it gives the slimmest hope of success, it is worth trying. The problem is it costs £75K – and in fact it might be they eventually need more money than that as that is only for one year’s treatment and some suffers need more.
Thanks to the generosity of Twitter and Facebook users, they have already raised thousands of pounds – which shows that compassion is certainly not dead in the UK! – and many people have sent them wonderful messages. I know just how much those messages have touched them.
Their story is now due to appear in Bella magazine and another UK women’s mag and I will also be following their progress.

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