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At the Magazine we welcome your contributions! We love to publicise and promote new writers, authors, bloggers and businesses. And there are several slots available for writers...

Author Spot

This is a regular page devoted to new and experienced authors. Click here to see the questions and you simply reply as you wish. Everyone who is featured on author spot is given a link to their website, and/or a link to their book on Amazon or another seller. To appear on Author Spot your book must be written and already published, either by a traditional publisher or self-published. Please enclose a colour photo of yourself plus a colour photo of your book cover.

Website and Blog Spots

Need more publicity for your website or blog? Simply copy and paste the questions here, fill in your replies and email it back to us. To appear on Website or Blog spot we need a photo of you, a screenshot of your blog or website to print and any logo you use on your site. Everyone featured on website and blog spots is given a link to their site.

Top Tips

Are you an expert in your field? Perhaps you are a seasoned PR professional, writer or website builder? We welcome 'Top Tips' on any subjects such as working from home, building up a business, writing, publicising, blogging, journalism, media, gaining a job - please contact us if you have an idea - and look at the top tips posts on this site to see how to craft your own. Top Tips pieces will be credited to you as the writer and a link will be given to your website, blog, book, Twitter or Facebook page.

Press Releases

Do you have some news about your business, company or charity? We are always on the look out for great press releases to publish on our site. Simply submit your press release here or email it to alison@featureworld.co.uk.

Opinion pieces and Reviews

Got a subject you feel strongly about? Or would you like to review a book for us? We are happy to look at all other opinion pieces, reviews or submissions as long as they fit with the general ethos of the site.

General Submission Guidelines

With the exception of press releases which might be circulated to a number of outlets, submissions must be original and must not have appeared on any other website, including your own.

Due to the number of submissions received we cannot guarantee that your submission will be published and we are unable to give dates for publication. There might be a wait of a few weeks before your submission goes live.

We reserve the right to edit submissions - although as they are personal to the writer, we endeavour not to do this.

Please note we do not accept paid guest blogs, sponsored posts, adverts thinly veiled as reviews on products or any sort of post where the author is simply writing it to get a link. We will also only consider posts that are around the theme of this website - the theme of writing so that includes such issues as blogging, novels, authors, journalism, small business issues, magazines, editing - if your blog is about your product or unrelated website and you are asking for a link please do not contact us. Similarly if you are a PR or marketing person writing blogs to get links back to your paid client's website, we are also not interested! .

Any questions? Contact us here

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