The family with SIX generations spanning almost a century…

Real life story of the family with SIX generations appears in THE SUN newspaper today.

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Amazing ... the family with six generations in The Sun

When last Friday Wendy Mumford emailed me through my sell my story website and told me her granddaughter had just had a baby – and he was the sixth generation in their family, I was amazed. I have written about a number of five generation stories before (and even those are rare) but never six generations.
And today their delightful story appears over two pages in The Sun newspaper. Theirs is a fascinating story. Gladys Sweeting is 91 and her story about how she had seven babies at home with no pain relief – and then how her husband announced the babies’ births in the street – is in stark comparison to great-great-great granddaughter Jessica’s story. Jessica, 19, recently gave birth to 8Ib 10oz Harry – and she announced the birth by text and then on Facebook. Meanwhile, while Gladys was confined to bed for weeks after each birth, Jessica was out the same day and shopping the next.
Life when Gladys gave birth was completely different – there was no NHS and treatment for infection was still maggots. Hardly anyone had electricity let alone a TV – and the Internet was years away.

Wendy says: “We knew having six generations was pretty special as we were in our local paper when Jessica was born because we were a family of five generations then. We are very close. We live nearby to one another and feel very lucky that everyone is going strong. It’s been lovely to celebrate with a big story in a national newspaper.”

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