Questions for Author Spot

Author Spot questions

If you want to answer these general questions - any you don't want to answer then just leave them out.

Name, age and area where you live in the UK (it can be a vague area such as Hertfordshire, London etc)

Book name, publication date, who book is published by.

Is this your first book? If not, how many other books have you published?

What is the book about? If you have published other books, is this in a similar style or something different.

When did you start writing/what gave you the idea to write a book?

How long did it take to write? Was it difficult (for example to fit around family life or a regular job- what is the regular job etc.)

If it's an personal book about you, how did you feel about that? Did you set out to write an personal book or did things just turn out that way? Were friends and family surprised or shocked to read it at first?

How did you get published? Did you approach a literary agent first or go directly to a publisher?

Was it hard to get published? (If multiple books - please refer to first book.) Did you try a number of places or was it easier than you thought?

Where your book is on sale - any website address (please give URL to link to or Amazon link so people can buy your book)

Any advice for other book writers?

Anything else - it is important here to give anything else that might make this a national newspaper/magazine story (we will contact you if we feel it might be suitable for national publicity) - Ie: book was based on person's own real life story, you are very young, very elderly, dyslexic, recovered from cancer and so on.

Alternatively have you had publicity for your book? If so, what publicity?

Please include a colour pic of your and another of your book cover for illustration.

To give you some idea here is a recent author spot - it is just a guide as each author spot is very personal.

Please email your submission to along with a contact telephone number in case of queries.

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