Laura Hymas

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In summer last year we covered the story of Laura Hymas – a young mum of one who’d been diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Laura Hymas
Laura is feeling better than ever.

In fact she and her family were told doctors in the UK could do nothing more for Laura as biopsy revealed the tumour was inoperable.
But Laura and fiance Ben, 31, did not accept the diagnosis that nothing could be done and through research on the internet found a clinic in America that offered pioneering treatment.
The treatment was controversial – with some people claiming it would not work. It is also expensive, costing £5000 a month. But it offered hope and incredibly along with some publicity arranged by Featureworld, Ben mounted a huge Twitter and Facebook campaign.
Amazingly their request was tweeted and facebooked round the world – and the result is thanks to wonderful well-wishers who donated money, Laura is getting this treatment. Even better her latest scan this week shows the tumour has reduced by a massive 77 per cent. This fantastic news and we are all absolutely thrilled for Laura, Ben and their little son, Jacob.

And we feel sure their story will give hope to anyone else suffering from brain cancer.

Why not go to the website yourself and catch up on this latest amazing development: Hope for Laura.

Read more on Laura’s story as it appeared in the DAILY MIRROR and BELLA mag.

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