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Hello and welcome to The Magazine, a vibrant and inspirational e-zine edited by Alison Smith-Squire which aims to help anyone working within the media and writing industries. So whether you're a journalist, photographer, blogger, editor, PR and marketing executive, in television, a literary agent, a novelist, media student, or simply an entrepreneur with a fledgling business who is looking for publicity, we hope you will find something on this site to interest you.

The Magazine originally started life as a blog for Media agent Alison Smith-Squire - a specialist in selling real life stories to national newspapers, magazines and TV - to write about the stories she sold behind the headlines. But as traffic to the site rapidly grew, so did the number of press releases and requests for posts on the site. It now attracts thousands of visitors every week. Many of these are professionals already working within the media industry.

At the same time Alison Smith-Squire, a publicist who is used to working across all media sectors from news documentaries to real life magazines, recognised a need for a site that didn't just cater for novelists or just journalists or those in TV. More than ever, these days all of these industries - from the book trade to national newspapers to TV and the blogger - are interlinked. And she wanted to create a site that broke down the boundaries between these industries allowing each more understanding of the other.

Added to that, as a freelancer who single-handedly launched her own successful online 'sell my story' media agency Featureworld in 2005, she understands how hard it is to set up your own business. She is therefore passionate about helping other businesses of all sizes to increase their profiles.

The Magazine is already well-known for its TV OPPORTUNITIES PAGE - a free service for both UK television professionals to upload requests enabling people wishing to appear on TV to contact them directly. And a similar free service is run for print editors on the MAGAZINE AND NEWSPAPER EDITOR REQUEST PAGE.

As well as our IN THE NEWS spot - a free daily service plugging your best news releases of the day - we regularly publish TOP TIPS, free advice covering everything from freelancing to how to make the most of PR in business. Our GUEST BLOGS continue to highlight some of the most interesting and unusual individuals working within the media - and give a helping hand to charities. Meanwhile, our PORTFOLIO DIRECTORY is a must for anyone or any business hoping to raise their profile and gain a valuable link.

And you can read the stories behind the headlines of many of the stories sold by our sister site, Featureworld, including advice on being a journalist under JOURNALISM.

So whether you already work within the media industry, plan to in the future or simply have a product or business you wish to promote then we hope you will find this magazine a continual source of advice and inspiration!

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