Cheating spouses have no intention of getting divorced, finds study…

The majority of men and women having an affair love their spouses and have no intentions of getting divorced. This was one of the findings of a new survey by a dating website which is set up married people seeking extra-marital affairs…

AdulteryUndercover Lovers questioned 4,000 of its members (2,000 male and 2,000 female) for its UK Adultery Survey 2012, in which the adulterous behaviour and attitudes of men and women are compared. The most astonishing fact to emerge is that Britain’s female adulterers are apparently more promiscuous than their male counterparts, having had on average 2.3 affair partners compared to the mere 1.8 of Undercover Lovers’ male members.

Undercover Lovers spokesperson Emily Pope comments: ‘The results of our survey challenge the commonly held view that men are necessarily more adulterous than women. Once they have made the huge decision to have an affair, women have far more opportunity to actually find someone to cheat with and are generally in control of deciding if and when to consummate the relationship once they do. It is a feature of all dating websites that women are spoilt for choice of male suitors.’

The survey also reveals dramatically different reasons between men and women for having an affair. Whilst men cited the pursuit of sexual excitement, boredom with their marriages and the need of an ego boost as their main reasons for cheating, women were more likely to be seeking emotional fulfilment, an improvement to their self esteem and romance when they strayed. Female adulterers are also far more prone to falling in love with their affair partner than their male equivalents.

Emily Pope says: ‘More and more neurological research is revealing that male and female brains are programmed differently when it comes to relationships. The results of our survey bear this out, with our adulteresses seemingly seeking something far more emotionally meaningful from their affairs than their male partners.’

Other intriguing facts to emerge from the survey are:

• The vast majority of male and female philanderers think that monogamy is an unnatural state for humans.
• Women are likely to be the first to get itchy feet in the marriage. Whilst unfaithful men do not have their first affair until almost 6 years of married life, on average female cheaters stray just 5 years after exchanging their wedding vows.
• The majority of UK adulterers still love their spouses and have no intention of getting divorced.
• Women are far more likely to tell someone else about their affair than men.
• Adulteresses tend to be significantly younger than adulterers.
• The vast majority of cheaters are having their affairs in secret, unbeknown to their husband or wife.
• Many adulterers are hypocrites! Over 40% of female cheaters and almost 30% of male cheaters would ask for a divorce if they discovered their spouse was having an affair.

Are you a mistress? Did you use a dating website like this to have an affair? Has your marriage broken up because of it – or has an affair made your relationship stronger? Magazines are always looking for relationship stories. If you have a story about adultery or affairs to sell, contact our site Featureworld. All enquiries are confidential.

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Jonathan Smith-Squire

Jon Smith-Squire is a reporter at Sell Your Story UK, The Magazine. A psychology graduate, he has a special interest in real life stories, human emotions and how we perceive the world around us.

One thought to “Cheating spouses have no intention of getting divorced, finds study…”

  1. I am a sort of adulteress, “sort of” because i’m not married.
    i have 2lovers plus my companion. In fact, for six months i live in another city during the week and i come back to my “darling” for the week end.
    so, i started an adventure with a colleague (much older than me : i think we have a difference of about 13 years) we see each other about once a week, and sometime on the week end, when my darling is travelling. i love him, and i don’t want us to be separate. so i don’t tell him and i’m really careful about my cellphone’s messages and my avalability during the week to answer to his calls.
    but sexually speaking, i was bored, so i tried to find someone else, and it really helped us. I make the difference betwenn sex and feelings.
    but i don’t know a lot of other cheaters.. except the last one who could have possibly been a new lover, but his “wife” find out, and i gave it up…

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