How one mum invented a grow-your-hair back diet…

True-life story about how one mum overcame alopecia in the DAILY MAIL newspaper today…

Sell your story about overcoming alopecia and bald patches
Mary's story about overcoming hair loss appears in the Daily Mail

Mary Corrigan wanted to gain publicity for her new diet plan, which has helped her overcome alopecia.
The mum of three was horrified when a few years ago, she began losing her hair. Bald patches began appearing all over her head as for no reason her hair simply fell out. Visits to her GP proved fruitless as all medical tests came back normal. The only reason her GP could give for the hair loss was stress.
So Mary, a former chef with a background in nutrition, began researching the subject on the internet. She discovered a lack of a substance called serrum ferritin, a protein responsible for the storage of iron, was often implicated. This meant routine blood tests for iron could come back normal but in fact the body’s iron stores could be depleted and this could lead to alopecia. Tests for this substance did indeed show Mary was deficient in this protein and she began researching the sort of diet that might help.
The grow hair back diet Mary has come up with does include iron-rich food and her hair began growing back within weeks. It has now grown back thicker and stronger than ever. She says it is important iron is eaten in vegetable and meat forms. Some surprising foods are the best for your hair – including seafood (cockles are fantastic apparently) and venison is also an excellent source.

Mary said: “Thank you so much. As soon as the article appeared this morning in the Daily Mail I was inundated with enquiries!”

Indeed, if you are suffering from thinning hair, Mary is the person to speak to. Her website is full of tips and she is now compiling a book full of grow hair menus.

Mary’s hair story will now be appearing shortly in a women’s magazine.

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