• Jenny Simpson - writing copy for blogs

    Ten dos and don’ts when approaching editors…

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    Making a good impression from the start is crucial when you are approaching an editor for the first time. Here, we give some essential dos and don’ts… […]

  • Cheating couple...

    When is it OK to cheat on your partner?

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    A new study outlines five situations when people believe an affair can be justified … but is it ever really OK? […]

  • Danielle Clewlow gave birth on her wedding day

    I had a baby on my wedding day!

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    Our interviewee, Danielle Clewlow’s incredible story appears in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper and THE DAILY MAIL WEBSITE

  • How much money

    Why do people sell a story? Is it all about how much money?

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    You might imagine most people sell a story to make some money – and the […]

Get on ITV This Morning…

March 19, 2015
Sell your story to ITV This Morning...
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Going on This Morning guarantees you a massive audience and the chance to really get your story out there. At Sell Your Story Uk we specialise in sending interviewees to ITV This Morning. So how can you get on the show? […]

How my own family history became a novel…

March 10, 2015
Patrick Gale A Place called Winter
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Novelist Patric Gale – known for his bestsellers set deep in the heart of Cornwall – tells how his latest work, A Place Called Winter, was inspired by his own family history and his great grandfather’s emigration to Canada. […]

Zenpix and some self-styled ‘syndication’…

March 8, 2015
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How a photographer boldly sold someone’s personal photos on story that didn’t ‘belong’ to him…  Zenpix, Manchester, took photos of a Featureworld interviewee for one newspaper. They then appeared in other newspapers and websites – along with my lifted copy – without mine or the interviewee’s consent. A look a some sharp practice I believe as an industry we should be stamping out…  It’s a Saturday night, I am about to – finally – put my feet up at the end of a very busy week. I sit down and ping goes my text – it is an interviewee and […]

The Sunday Telegraph, byline banditry and a spot of ‘plagiarism…’

February 9, 2015
Sunday Telegraph plagiarism story
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Recently a broadsheet newspaper lifted almost 1000 words of a story I wrote for The Sun newspaper and printed it without any payment or even checking the story out. So what happens if you are writing a blog or you are a journalist. Should you expect your copy will be lifted, should you bother to say anything and does it matter? I look at the laws and discuss why I believe it does matter and is not ethical… […]

Coping with a bad review on a website…

February 3, 2015
How to remove a negative online review
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It’s the nightmare for any business. You wake up, click online and there on the internet is a bad review about your company.

Maybe it’s a fair comment. Perhaps a customer didn’t get as good a service as normal. But more often than not you will feel the review is unfair, wrong and even defamatory.
The question is what to do about it? Here I give ten tips to help cope with a bad website review… […]

Aldi V Waitrose and Asda online

January 29, 2015
Aldi v online Waitrose and Asda
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My online shopping at Asda and Waitrose – which I have been doing August 2003 – has turned into a real chore. Apart from seeing the price of my shopping rising every week, going on those websites has become a nightmare. But could I really go back to pushing a trolley around a supermarket myself to get a cheaper grocery bill? I tried out Aldi… […]

Courtney Adamo and the trend on giving your kids an old-fashioned childhood…

December 20, 2014
Courtney Adamo Instagram
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Courtney Adamo believes in little TV, no electronics and giving few new toys to her four children.
But will her children really grow up happier people? It’s become very trendy amongst middle-class parents to deny your kids access to computers, iPads and plastic toys. But I believe we should enjoy spoiling our kids sometimes – and not be made to feel guilty about it. […]

Literary Lifestories … how a ghostwriter can turn your life story into a novel…

January 8, 2015
Natasha Collins - Literary Life stories
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Mum of one Natasha Collins tells why she believes documenting your own life story into a novel can be a wonderful gift to pass down the generations – and how she has set up a service helping people do just that… […]

Ten dos and don’ts when approaching editors…

January 8, 2014
Jenny Simpson - writing copy for blogs
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Making a good impression from the start is crucial when you are approaching an editor for the first time. Here, we give some essential dos and don’ts… […]

Author Spot: Al Ferguson

November 27, 2014
Being a new dad - advice book
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New dad, teacher and blogger Al Ferguson tells how the arrival of his own baby prompted him not only to start a blog, but write a book, New Dad book of Secrets… […]