• Writing a book - polishing your manuscript

    How to market your book …

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    Your book title, cover and what you say about you are all important… […]

  • Pros of dealing with a small business

    How to promote yourself as a small business…

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    Being a small business – or perhaps even a one woman or one man company – can be daunting…Here, we give some top tips on how to turn being a smaller business to your advantage… […]

  • Pitching a novel - top tips

    How to write as a fiction novelist…

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    You might be a seasoned journalist, copywriter or blogger – but crafting a novel demands a whole new way of expressing yourself. Here, writer JENNY SIMPSON tells how she is getting to grips with becoming a fiction novelist and offers some top tips…

  • happy face

    Ten ways to cope with disappointment and criticism …

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    If you’re going to succeed in the writing industries you need to be able to bounce back from disappointment and carry on… […]

  • Being self employed

    Working for yourself – top tips…

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    Many people dream of working for themselves – and most have thought about chucking it in at the office and setting up on their own. But just how difficult is it? And would working for yourself really be right for you? […]

Author Spot: Al Ferguson

November 27, 2014
Being a new dad - advice book
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New dad, teacher and blogger Al Ferguson tells how the arrival of his own baby prompted him not only to start a blog, but write a book, New Dad book of Secrets… […]

Spammed … by a cancer charity

October 29, 2014
spam cancer emails
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Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity sent me tens of emails over a period of three months. Despite all efforts to stop the emails, they continued.
Is this really the way any charity should be spending donated money? […]

After TV’s Benefits Street comes Immigration Street …

October 27, 2014
Channel 4 looking for participants for a new show...
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As Channel 4 announces Immigration Street, I have never tried to hide my views on these documentaries. I spoke about Skint here – many of the residents felt they were stitched up by the camera crews and their lives edited to make them worse than they really are. […]

What do journalists think of PR Professionals?

October 10, 2014
More people want to be their own bosses...
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Every day I am one of many journalists who receive releases from PR companies. Often those companies will have been paid hundreds – and sometimes thousands of pounds – by their client to promote their product or business or indeed them.
But the truth is if someone approaches me through my sell my story website Featureworld by themselves (and for free) I am much more likely to take their story on. […]

I turned my real-life experience into a book…

September 22, 2014
Anne Zouroudi real life Shirley Valentine
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Author Anne Zouroudi, who wed a Greek fisherman, tells how she turned her real life Shirley Valentine experience into a book, was taken on by a top literary agent – and went on to have a successful literary career. […]

Author Spot: Kathy Lette

September 18, 2014
Author Kathy Lette
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With twelve books to her name, Kathy Lette certainly knows her chick lit. In Courting Trouble the Aussie author takes on a slightly grittier topic – complete with her characteristic touch of wit and humour.  In this revealing interview, CAMILLA DAVIES finds out more …  You’ve enjoyed a prolific writing career, where do you find your literary inspiration? The tax department are a great inspiration, when my tax bills are looming I suddenly feel the need to write again…! No, I really only write because it’s cheaper than therapy! Your latest novel, Courting Trouble, sees a mother and daughter enter […]

Is Trip Advisor deleting reviews for fear of being sued?

August 25, 2014
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Something has happened recently to Trip Advisor. I’ve noticed lately the bad reviews have got fewer and the good ones have become more plentiful. There are also some surprising eateries at the top of Trip advisor… […]

Should you ever send Direct Messages on Twitter…?

August 9, 2013
Twitter dashboard
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I have to say that apart from a few exceptions – which I will outline – I believe that Twitter is not the place to send direct messages ever…

Ten dos and don’ts when approaching editors…

January 8, 2014
Jenny Simpson - writing copy for blogs
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Making a good impression from the start is crucial when you are approaching an editor for the first time. Here, we give some essential dos and don’ts… […]

Are you setting your expectations too high?

July 28, 2014
The Miniaturist - subject of massive bidding war
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The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton is is being fought over by film directors who believe it will be a blockbuster. But the harsh reality is very, very few authors end up writing books as a job and earning the sort of living that enables them to secure a mortgage from it for example…