• Writing a book - polishing your manuscript

    How to market your book …

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    Your book title, cover and what you say about you are all important… [...]

  • Pros of dealing with a small business

    How to promote yourself as a small business…

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    Being a small business – or perhaps even a one woman or one man company – can be daunting…Here, we give some top tips on how to turn being a smaller business to your advantage… [...]

  • Pitching a novel - top tips

    How to write as a fiction novelist…

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    You might be a seasoned journalist, copywriter or blogger – but crafting a novel demands a whole new way of expressing yourself. Here, writer JENNY SIMPSON tells how she is getting to grips with becoming a fiction novelist and offers some top tips…

  • happy face

    Ten ways to cope with disappointment and criticism …

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    If you’re going to succeed in the writing industries you need to be able to bounce back from disappointment and carry on… [...]

  • Being self employed

    Working for yourself – top tips…

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    Many people dream of working for themselves – and most have thought about chucking it in at the office and setting up on their own. But just how difficult is it? And would working for yourself really be right for you? [...]

How I went from a single mum on benefits to a property millionaire…

June 4, 2014
Vicki Wusche
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Vicki Wusche, 51, was once living off benefits but now lives in west London close to her family with a property portfolio worth over £2 million, three Amazon best-selling books and two property businesses to her name. Here Vicki, mum to daughters Charlie and Kimberley tells sellyourstoryuk.com how she did it… “When I got divorced in 1991, I had two children under the age of three and no home. I realised I had lost my identity, and I felt emotionally vulnerable after years of verbal abuse. “We went to live with my parents and eventually I moved into my own [...]

Author Spot: Catherine Alliott

May 20, 2014
Author Catherine Alliott
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A prolific author with 13 bestselling titles, Catherine Alliott has built a reputation as the British queen of chick lit. Yet, before she became so successful she was made redundant from her copyrighting job in advertising. Here, she tells how initially she was upset… and how it turned out to be a blessing in disguise… [...]

Author Spot: Sarah Wilson

April 28, 2014
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Writing a blog turned into a whole new career for journalist and editor Sarah Wilson. Here she tells how her books I Quit Sugar came about and how quitting sugar doesn’t mean dieting or a ban on treats… [...]

Author Spot: Paul Apowida

April 15, 2014
Sell my novel
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Paul Apowida was born in the remote village of Sirigu in northern Ghana but when he was a baby his family, including his parents, died suddenly. No-one in the community where he lived understood why they had died and they believed Paul was evil and to blame for the deaths of his parents…. [...]

What happens when publishers don’t honour payments?

March 5, 2014
Predictions for publishing and PR 2013
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If you’re an editor on a publication hoping that seasoned freelancers, agencies, journalists and agents will email you first with that great exclusive then I am afraid you must be nice. And being nice doesn’t mean taking that journo you value for the occasional pizza (while that is nice) it means ensuring you are fair. That means not changing the brief after you have received the piece and when someone has done the job – provided you with a story and photos – you pay them the agreed amount…

Do voucher codes really save money?

February 19, 2014
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The idea of saving money using coupons and vouchers is by no means a new trend. Before the internet took over, most people would save money on their purchases by using vouchers that they had carefully snipped out of the local newspaper… [...]

The nightmare that is Hostgator…

January 18, 2014
Hostgator - service as tacky as their cartoon website...
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I have written this post to warn anyone having problems with Hostgator – it’s easier to migrate your site elsewhere than you think and don’t think it is you! And don’t waste your time trying to fit your website to work for them…

Should you ever send Direct Messages on Twitter…?

August 9, 2013
Twitter dashboard
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I have to say that apart from a few exceptions – which I will outline – I believe that Twitter is not the place to send direct messages ever…

Ten dos and don’ts when approaching editors…

January 8, 2014
Jenny Simpson - writing copy for blogs
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Making a good impression from the start is crucial when you are approaching an editor for the first time. Here, we give some essential dos and don’ts… [...]

Author Spot: Haley Hill

February 13, 2014
Author Haley Hill
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Author and former matchmaker agency owner Haley Hill tells how getting a literary agent didn’t help her get published – but how instead she found success self-publishing her book, It’s Got to be Perfect… [...]