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Courtney Adamo and the trend on giving your kids an old-fashioned childhood…

Courtney Adamo believes in little TV, no electronics and giving few new toys to her four children.
But will her children really grow up happier people? It’s become very trendy amongst middle-class parents to deny your kids access to computers, iPads and plastic toys. But I believe we should enjoy spoiling our kids sometimes – and not be made to feel guilty about it.

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More people want to be their own bosses...

What do journalists think of PR Professionals?

Every day I am one of many journalists who receive releases from PR companies. Often those companies will have been paid hundreds – and sometimes thousands of pounds – by their client to promote their product or business or indeed them.
But the truth is if someone approaches me through my sell my story website Featureworld by themselves (and for free) I am much more likely to take their story on.

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