Kayleigh devised her own diet

I lost weight Kayleigh’s way…!

Kayleigh devised her own diet
Slim Kayleigh

Super dieter Kayleigh Old devised her own diet to lose weight – and then set up her own website helping others. She recounts her inspirational story here… 

Forget celebrity diets – it’s Kayleigh’s way!

After losing weight, mum of two Kayleigh Old 25, posted a slim pic online and it went viral.

Friends and family asked for the diet – and she ended up setting up a website to help others lose weight.

She still works full time in hospital admin but hundreds of friends and family have now lost weight with her diet, aptly called Kayleigh’s Way.

After having her second child mum of two Kayleigh’s weight went up. She tried all the diets going but nothing worked. In desperation, having read up on healthy eating, she cooked up her own diet sheet and got slim.

Thrilled with her new figure in 2011 she posted a pic of herself on Facebook – showing herself in her kitchen standing inside one trouser leg of the massive trousers she used to wear when she was overweight.  Within hours it had been shared thousands of times on Facebook and she was stunned when strangers began asking for her diet. At first she emailed people with some of her recipes. But soon it got so overwhelming she decided to start up her own website Kayleigh’s Way. 

Kayleigh Old invented her own diet
Kayleigh now has a website

It was hard work. She had never set up a website herself before – and it was a mammoth task cooking all the dishes and photographing them for her site. But word soon spread. She set up a proper Facebook page for her diet where people post their diet successes and now sells her diet sheets.

She even helped her own dad lose weight before he had a hip operation. Kayleigh, who lives with her partner, still works full time and her diet is still not making enough money to be called a business – but she hopes one day it will do.

Here Kayleigh tells sellyourstoryuk.com more about it…!

Starting in 2011 I had my son and ended up getting postnatal depression.  Gaining a ton of weight and becoming more unhappy I knew it was time to change so I decided to make myself my own diet plan with recipes and what foods to eat (and what not to eat!) I lost 8.4lb going from a size 26/28 down to a size 10/12 and to celebrate  I posted a photo of myself on social media. That photo went viral!

More and more people saw my weight loss photos. Soon they  were asking for my diet plan.  After much thought and hard work I created a online diet group and then a diet booklet with recipes, example weeks and weight loss charts.

Kayleigh devised her own diet
Kayleigh before…

My website is till mostly on Facebook…

It is an online diet plan with no weekly,monthly ,yearly subscriptions just a one off fee of 13.50 posted or 11.99 collected for those local to where I live in Doncaster. We share members weight loss photos recipes and progress photos and General support from 7am till 11pm 7 days a week. 

We have many of recipes on the plan –  over 500 starters, mains and desserts. My members’ favourite is the home made pizza using wholemeal wraps with tomato puree with toppings, and low fat cheese and chilli if you like it spicy. 

It can be very hard at times fitting in my work and my website.  It means I usually work 168 hours a week working both jobs but when my members post amazing weight loss photos, that makes the long hours totally worth it.

 I created the Facebook page to show people about the diet, demonstrate recipes and for people to show how they are losing weight and how it’s working for them.

We get 10,000 views a week with an average of 54 to 140 likes per week. 

I’ve now set up a website and would love to write a book. I hope what I’ve achieved inspires others that no matter how hard life can be you really can reach your goals!

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