Courtney Adamo family gap year

Courtney Adamo silences the trolls…

Courtney Adamo deletes posts from her Instagram account after fans criticise her… Courtney Adamo family gap year

It’s a familiar problem for all of us writing on social media – what do you do when trolls begin leaving unkind messages on your posts?

Courtney Adamo seems to have come up with the perfect solution – recently, after receiving some unpleasant comments, she simply deleted the photos and all the posts on it from her feed. And she hasn’t posted since…

The mother of four found Instagram fame after a photo of youngest child Marlow showing off her tummy button was flagged up by someone has being inappropriate. Instagram subsequently deleted it – and then her whole account – although when the story made the Daily Mail, it admitted the reaction was somewhat over the top and the account was restored.

The resulting media coverage handed 34-year-old Courtney Adamo tens of thousands more followers, giving her online business, Babyccino Kids, which she co-founded, a boost.

Suddenly her beautiful large North London Edwardian house where she lived with husband Michael Adamo and their four golden haired children, Easton, Quin, Ivy and Marlow – was the subject of many photoshoots in magazines and papers alike.

Meanwhile, Courtney told how she tries to bring her two sons and two daughters up in a very traditional way with no iPads, iPhones or plastic toys.

Glossing over the fact Courtney and Michael Adamo are in fact Americans, but able to pass them off to British readers as they then lived in North London,  Fenwicks magazine asked: “Is this Britain’s most stylish family.”

It seemed as if the Adamo’s brand was truly getting set for fame in the UK when Courtney and Michael made a stunning admission – they were selling their house, which had graced so many ‘ideal property’ pages.

Many might have imagined the family would simply move to an even larger London home.

But they then announced they were taking a family gap year. And while bearing in mind the London property market and how fast prices go up, they could have retained a foothold in the UK and rented out their £1.8million home, Courtney explained the sale was helping fund their travels.

Writing in The Telegraph she said: “Some sacrifices have had to be made. We sold our house to finance our year of travel – we couldn’t do it otherwise.”

Of their trip exploring South America, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Peru, she added: “We want to experience how the locals live, what they eat, how they cook it, how they work, how they learn, how they play and how they love as families.

“I want to discover and teach our children the history, theology and geography of each place, but more than that, I want to discover a deeper part of myself and gain an understanding of the values that matter most to us. I want to slow down and soak up every moment with the kids.”

At the same time she began a blog with, it appears, ambitions to publish a book about the family’s adventures when the year out comes to an end.

But it appears Instagram photos on Courtney Adamo’s Instagram account of luxury hotels and villas as her interpretation of ‘living with the locals’ have not gone down with all of her followers.

“Couldn’t she call her travel blog ‘Rich Kids on Tour’? Seems way more apt to me,” writes one commenter on another blog.

Meanwhile others have said they feel she is just using her Instagram account for pure advertising. Says another critic: “Oooooh…now we know why she selected the bungalow that’s farther from the beach. So she could receive complimentary family photos in exchange for exposure! A very calculated move from such a “simple, country girl.”

The final straw appears to be a photo of the luxury bedroom at Brazil’s Casa Lola with another of the four children swimming in the boutique rental’s sparkling pool. These were subsequently removed. did not see the posts or the comments on them but one fellow Instagrammer subsequently wrote: “It must be so hard trying to be the perfect family, the perfect mother with the perfect husband and perfect children who travel to perfect hotel rooms in perfect places…. we only see the good bits… If this is a year of adventure and exploration, then Courtney, please show us the lows.”

This prompted others to leave many messages of support for Courtney Adamo, saying they hope she has not left Instagram for good – hence it appears Courtney Adamo has silenced her critics, at least for now.

Update: Courtney Adamo, who has began posting again, has since said:Rarely do I feel a need to defend myself here–it’s my feed and I can post what I want. Recently, however, there have been some completely unfounded and scurrilous comments. Last night I noticed that the most mean-spirited of these came from new users with no photos or followers. Clearly these accounts had been set up to harass, their owners not courageous enough to stand behind their own words. I have blocked these accounts. I will continue to welcome alternative views and fair or constructive criticism from those willing to state it with balance and stand behind their words with genuine accounts. In the meantime I’d like to set the record straight on a couple of hurtful and unfair comments that have affected not only my family, but also those who love us and those who just enjoy this feed.
Our trip is not a PR exercise nor is it benefitting us financially. We are living a dream I have had since I was young to travel the world and spend a year with my family. We are spending our life’s savings to do this. We know that we our fortunate to be able to do so. We are not pretending otherwise.

I have never deleted posts because of negative comments. Look back and you’ll see that I have weathered a lot of criticism. I’ve only ever deleted posts for privacy reasons, like when people unwittingly revealed the house we were renting on the first day we arrived to it. While I don’t mind living publicly, there are some instances when I feel I need to protect our privacy.

I have never made a paid promotion on this feed. Occasionally I endorse brands or people that I love and support naturally. When I post about gifts or freebies I mention the givers clearly. If I ever make a paid promotion it will be just as clear. Occasionally I will promote my own business, something I am unapologetically proud of.
This is my feed and I post photos here when I feel inspired to share. I am living honestly, loving on my babies and posing no threat to anyone. I am not selling anything or forcing anyone to follow along. If you do not like what you see here, please unfollow me.’

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2 thoughts to “Courtney Adamo silences the trolls…”

  1. I don’t believe that Courtney Adamo has silenced any trolls. The comments she’s referring to were legitimate commentary on her disingenuousness and contradictory practices–not trolling. However, her rapid fans will quickly label any negative comment with “hater”, “troll”, and even “twat” in an effort to silence any sort of push back to her really obvious hypocrisy. Somewhere slower = somewhere sponsored. Saying that the trip is not PR when we all know she herself wrote a piece for the Telegraph announcing the trip. Saying that her family is not benefitting financially when she continues to accept gifts and promote the gift givers. Saying her children are prohibited from being on screens yet plastering their faces & lives all over other people’s screens. Saying her children are protected from consumerism and then using them to promote products. And anyone who comments on this–labeled a troll–as you, yourself, have done. Why not turn this around and label Courtney for exactly what she is: an entitled mama of four beautiful children with a constant need for validation who peddles the private moments of those four children to feed her ego.

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