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Ten stories that earn the most cash…

Which real-life stories do magazines, newspapers and television like the best?

Which stories sell best to magazines and newspapers?
Real life stories are sought after…

A selection of some of the most sought after…

Cheating and infidelity

If your husband ran off with the bridesmaid, your best friend or your mum then you have definitely got a story to sell! Discovered the one you love is a bigamist? You might be devastated. But the bonus is not only can you sell your story to multiple magazines, newspapers and TV, you can get revenge…

Twins, triplets, quads and more

Expecting quads? Fallen out with your twin? Editors adore quirky stories with beautiful photos of twins, triplets, quads and even more!

Adoption stories

Regret giving a baby up for adoption? Did you find out you were adopted after years of believing you were being brought up by natural parents? Readers adore these stories and so do editors…

Cosmetic surgery

Had plastic surgery to look like a celebrity? Transformed yourself by going under the knife? Sold your house to restructure your face? Quirky cosmetic surgery stories are always asked for by magazines and newspapers alike…

Wedding stories

Did you give birth on your wedding day? Did everyone dress up as spiderman? Wacky wedding stories are equally liked by readers, magazines and newspapers – especially if you have some fab photos.

Weight loss stories

They might have been done lots before but everyone still loves reading an inspirational story of weight loss and how that person achieved it. Good before and after photos are a must so make sure if you’re planning a diet you pose for the ones you don’t like…

Baby stories

Spoilt babies, miracle babies, IVF babies, surrogate babies, stories about breastfeeding, eating placentas, birthing in a forest – baby stories in all their guises are continually saleable to a wide variety of publications. And you are likely to end up with some great professional photos and lovely cuttings to show your baby when he or she is older!

Family stories

Two sides between you and your mother in law, mums and daughters who enjoy clubbing together, husbands and wives who no longer have sex (or do it twice a day), couples enjoying polygamous relationships, siblings who don’t see eye to eye – all aspects of human psychology are bought by newspapers, magazines and real life television shows.

Entrepreneurial stories

Authors, self made millionaires, business against the odds – and don’t forget selling a story can be a great way of gaining free publicity

And finally… holiday stories, health stories, crime stories, victim stories … whatever your story why not see if it can earn you some cash? Get a free valuation by filling in the form to the right of this page!


Alison Smith-Squire

Alison Smith-Squire is a writer, journalist and media agent selling exclusive real life stories to newspapers, magazines and TV. She owns the sell my story website, which was set up to help ordinary people sell their stories to the press.

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