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Press, media, publishing – predictions for 2015

What’s in store for the press, media and publishing world for the following year?
Here at Sell Your Story UK we make our predictions… predictions 2015

Newspapers and magazines

The last few years have been a scary time for journalists working within the press industry. Tough competition from the internet has led to falling circulations and a decline in profits. Many local newspapers have closed, some magazines have quietly amalgamated and some of the national newspapers have off-loaded staff. At the same time the fall-out from the Leveson inquiry has continued, with a number of journalists appearing in court over hacking or bribery charges.

However, we believe 2015 heralds a turning point and the beginning of a new era within the industry. The Daily Mail’s extraordinarily successful Mail Online website has shown how money can be made from going digital. Many traditional newspapers have been surprisingly slow to adapt to the internet – but this year we believe they will begin to reap the rewards from increased circulations online – which will lead to increased advertising and demand for sponsored articles (and of course increasing profit…) And this trend is set to grow much stronger.

Books and publishing

The recent news that there is a declining interest in celebrity memoirs, cookery books and how to books is good news for anyone hoping to get a book published. It shows that publishers are moving away from ‘easy’ books – the ones where a ghostwriter pens a novel and sticks a celebrity’s name on it or those thin autobiographies that gain a few articles in the national press but actually translate into few sales. At the same time, wannabe authors need to come up with new takes on old themes.

Publishers are looking for the ‘next big thing’ and authors need to dig deep and develop new angles, new stories for works of fiction. Forget chick-lit, Fifty Shades of Grey and any of those old genres. Yes 2015 might see the film version but we believe the ‘erotic novel’ has had its day.  Instead, we believe anyone who can come up with insightful fiction with compelling characters revolving around ordinary family life – the next big thing and something that never goes out of fashion – could see their novel reach the dizzy heights of success.

Google and the internet

Will we all still be searching on Google in ten year’s time? Maybe… But Google has stiff competition from social media especially Facebook. Google is a tough nut to crack for any new business – which needs to clamber over tried and trusted websites at the top of the search engine to make any dent in the market. To make a website work, you need lots of time, lots of energy, a lot of know-how (and be an expert writer as well as website builder) and unless you have all this time yourself to spare, you will need to resort to pricey SEO and marketing companies (the likes of which will still not guarantee you a coveted front page search spot for your chosen key words and at worst, will get you penalised by a google update at a later date.) And as companies resort to competitive Pay Per Click, advertising on Google is ever more expensive – and possibly not worth the outlay for many small businesses.

Yet social media is fast becoming the way many people search and view the internet. Much cheaper, and possibly more effective, already some online shops have done away with trying to get their site to number one. Instead they have concentrated their efforts on social media. And this is something we believe many more companies will be doing in 2015.

Hello to the NEW celebrities

Once celebrity status used to be confined to pop bands, film and TV stars. But all that is changing. Thanks to social media such as Instagram – and the rise of the selfie – a new breed of celebrities are making it big. These celebrities might never have appeared on television and they certainly aren’t in any Hollywood movies. Instead, they are ordinary people gaining thousands of followers simply tweeting about their own lives, self-promoting with stunning photos on Instagram or gaining an audience through blogging.

We believe this form of self-promotion is set to gain even greater heights in 2015. But be warned. This sort of publicity is not for the faint-hearted or the half-hearted. Audiences on Instagram and other social media sites are fickle and it in 2015, with more wannabe social media celebrities jumping on the bandwaggon, it is a micro-industry set to become even more competitive. So posts about your family need to be more in-depth than ever, photos of your children and your world on Instagram need to be more intrusive (and professional) to be worth someone following you…


In previous years we’ve all been bombarded by the Fast 5.2 diet and the no sugar diets. There has also been much about increasing obesity and weight problems. We believe 2015 will see a reversal in the rise in obesity. Finally, with so much press and publicity over the past years, the message is getting through. Just as there has been a decline in smoking, expect there to be a decline in people with weight problems.

Meanwhile, the nation’s obsession with houses and house prices is set to continue. Making a profit from property – whether you are a landlord or simply want to buy your own home – is not going to be going out of fashion for the foreseable future. So this is one trend that we predict will feature strongly in news stories in 2015.

There has been a prediction that we will all not go on the internet in 2015 so much. But is this correct? We don’t believe it is. Smart phones, computers, Skype, Facebook, Tinder, banking online, buying shopping over the internet, reading books on a kindle – these things are part of the ordinary person’s habits. They are a necessity for many – and we don’t see anything to indicate people suddenly going out to do their shopping, driving to a bank, writing a letter rather than using a phone or not sticking their photos on Facebook.

However, what we do predict is more people trying to return to a simpler way of life. For example, there is now a trend for parents to not give their children so many toys, for children to be living a more wholesome outdoor life rather than stuck on an iPad. And this trend is something we believe will take greater prominence in 2015.

What do you think? Do you have any predictions for 2015 of your own? Why not be the first to comment and let us know your thoughts below…


Alison Smith-Squire

Alison Smith-Squire is a writer, journalist and media agent selling exclusive real life stories to newspapers, magazines and TV. She owns the sell my story website, which was set up to help ordinary people sell their stories to the press.

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