Do voucher codes really save money?

Are you someone who rarely buys anything before checking online to see if you can find a voucher code and get money off?

If so, you are not alone – for websites setting up voucher codes have really taken off – mostly of course because as shoppers we love to get them and feel we are getting a bargain…

Voucher Codes have been reported as being one of the best ways to cut the cost of shopping online, but do they really save you money? My Favourite Voucher Codes, the only voucher code website that saves people money and donates 20% of its profits to charity, looks at the rise of the ‘freeconomy’ and how much consumers could be saving.

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The idea of saving money using coupons and vouchers is by no means a new trend. Before the internet took over, most people would save money on their purchases by using vouchers that they had carefully snipped out of the local newspaper.

However, the craze first started in the late 19th century, when Coca Cola tried to drum up interest by offering customers a free glass of its, now world-famous, fizzy drink.

Coca Cola ran the promotion for almost two decades and in that time one in every nine Americans had taken advantage of the free drink.

Soon as the idea of using vouchers kicked off as people could save huge amounts of money on a wide variety of products. By 1992, 7.9 billion people were using coupons to save money.

Although their usage started to decline after that, the introduction of online voucher codes soon ignited their popularity once again.

With the economic downturn having a big impact on incomes, more people have turned to vouchers and coupons to save. So, just how much could you save?

Well, it depends on the vouchers that are available at the time you’re shopping, but to give you an idea, My Favourite Voucher Codes has listed their top 10 voucher codes that deliver real savings:

1. Clarks voucher codes: Save an extra 20% off women’s and kids sale shoes
2. Tesco voucher codes: £15 off when you spend £60
3. Dorothy Perkins voucher codes: £10 off when you spend £40
4. Debenhams voucher codes: Typically save 10-20% off your purchase
5. Sainsburys voucher codes: Save £15 off when you spend £60 or more on groceries
6. Boden voucher codes: Typically save 10-20% off our order with free delivery
7. Boohoo voucher codes: Typically save 10-20% off your purchase
8. Air Parks voucher codes: Save 3% off airport parking
9. Butlins voucher codes: Save 20% off any 2014 booking
10. Woolworths voucher codes: 10% off any order

Mr Julian House, founder of My Favourite Voucher Codes, said: “We have thousands of voucher and coupon codes to help consumers save money. It doesn’t cost shoppers anything extra, in fact they’ll be saving and doing a good deed at the same time as 20% of our profits goes to charity”.

Do you save lots of money using voucher codes? If you are a very savvy shopper we might be able to sell your story to a newspaper or magazine. Contact us here with details.


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