Royal baby story

Photo depicts what Royal baby might look like – as an adult…

Featureworld is used to seeing unusual press releases. But this is one of the oddest we have received in a while!

It centres around what a genetics specialist believes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby might look like as an adult.

Royal baby story
As a boy…

The team behind the UK’s largest discount voucher codes website, keen to keep on top of the latest trends and conversation starters, have worked alongside a genetics specialist to develop images that show how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s baby may look like as a young adult. Two images, a male and female version, have been created based on the credible appearance predictions.

Images have been unveiled showing what the royal baby might look like as a young male or female adult. After teaming up with a genetics specialist, the team behind the UK’s largest discount website has been able to predict what the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s child may grow to look like, based on trends that scientists have noticed in studying genetics of facial features. wanted to create the images after noticing a number of people discussing the royal baby on the site’s forum and searches on site for ‘royal baby merchandise’. The team subsequently consulted with Jenny Chen, a graduate student from the Broad Institute of Harvard-MIT, which is dedicated to genetics/genomics research, to form predictions on the royal baby’s appearance based on scientific genetic trends.

Royal baby story
… or as a girl…

Although nothing definitive can be made about the future appearance of the son or daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, there are some traits more likely to appear than others, according to the genetics specialist. Those traits were as follows:

• The child has a 50% chance of having green eyes (like Kate) and a 50% chance of having blue eyes (like Prince William). So, in the illustrations, the daughter has blue eyes and the son has blue eyes.

• Almond eyes tend to be dominant over round eyes. Kate has almond eyes, so it’s a good bet that her children will have almond eyes.

• Kate’s olive skin colour is dominant over the lighter skin of Price William, so there’s a strong chance the child will have Kate’s skin type.

• Kate’s dark hair is dominant over William’s light hair, so the children will likely have dark brown hair like Kate.

• William and Kate do not have widow’s peaks, so their child will not have this trait.

• Kate has dimples, which is a dominant trait, so it’s likely that her dimples will be passed down to her children.

• Kate and Will have free earlobes, which is a dominant trait. So it’s likely their kids will have this trait.

• Because broad lips are dominant over thin lips, and because broad lips seem to have a history in the Royal Family, it’s likely that the children will have broad lips.

• Because both Will and Kate have oval faces, and because oval faces are dominant over square shaped faces, it’s likely that their kids will have oval shaped faces.

• Heart-shaped faces tend to be a characteristic of female faces, so Kate’s daughters will probably take after her heart-shaped face while her sons will have jawlines more similar to Will.

Mark Pearson, chairman of, said the following:

“It’s clear the nation is getting excited about the pending arrival of the royal baby. Even as a discount site, we’ve had people gathering on our forum to discuss what sex the baby will be, what it might look like and various other related topics.

“We wanted to help people out a bit and get involved in the excitement, so decided to team up with a genetics expert to create these images. They are based on scientific trends and so the appearance is very credible. It’ll be interested to see, as the royal baby grows up, whether it will actually look like these images!”

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