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Author Spot: Jacquie Parton

Author Jacquie Parton tells how after her own son died, she was inspired to write a book that shows there is life after death… Tap once for yes

Your name and what inspired you to write?

My name is Jacquie Parton, and I live in Stoke on Trent.

Name of your book

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What is your book about?

Following the tragic suicide of my son, Andrew, I began a personal quest to see if there really is a form of life after death, that is to say if the spirit or soul of my son lives on.

Author Jacquie Parton
Happier times: Jacquie and son Andrew
I wanted to know if it was possible to contact him, and decided to use my mobile phone voice recorder to record EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) to give him the chance to come through and communicate. To my amazement he did come through via a series of intelligent taps (hence the book title), drumming style rhythms, and on some occasions even by trying to use his voice.
The evidence I gathered via this mobile phone voice recorder was augmented and reinforced by other incidents not linked to recordings, and by vivid dreams his close friends, and myself, had over a period of months following his suicide.
Given all this, I decided to write down the tragic events leading up to his death, but also to detail the amazing attempts at communication that Andrew had come through with, so as to offer hope to others that we do indeed have a soul, and that it endures after death.

Tell us more about your book

The book details the moving events that took place both before his death, and also the post-suicide aftermath, as well as the personal toll it took on me. However, it also attempts to log and make sense of the communication I and other people received from Andrew after his death, and goes on to explore and postulate my theories of how this can be possible, and therefore the nature of existence, the soul, and life after death.
It is therefore both a personal moving story of the tragedy of suicide and its effects on those left behind, but also, as well, a more factual recounting of strange events that strongly suggest the soul does endure on another level of existence. The book therefore contains a moving personal interest story, factual accounts of amazing supernatural happenings, and analysis in more scientific terms of the nature of our very existence, all set against the backdrop of a tragic suicide.

How did you set about writing your book?

Following his suicide I was in a bad way, trying to make sense of what had happened, and to learn to live with the emotional whirlwind that had been let loose on me. I knew that strange things were happening, and decided to keep a diary of these events to ensure that in the future I would remember the details as my memory faded. As these events kept on coming, not just to me but to others Andrew was close to, I had an overwhelming desire to write my story in a book that could give hope to others. This at first appeared an impossible idea, as I had no writing experience, and no knowledge of the world of publishing. However, through a series of synchronicities and occurrences, and indeed an overpowering obsession to complete this work that came over me, the book ‘emerged’. Sometimes we just know we have to do something, a feeling, and we follow this destiny not knowing where it may lead.

How did you publish it?

I self published my book through a site called Local-Legend, which specialises in producing high quality Mind, body and Spirit books. The book is available from my website and also from Amazon, Waterstones and WH Smiths websites.

Any other publicity?

Through Featureworld my story recently made the front page of Take a Break’s Fate & Fortune magazine. I only hope that telling my story and making this book available will bring comfort to others who’ve been through a similar tragedy.

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