So you want to work in TV?

Blog Spot: It’s On the Telly, Stupid!

Entertainment journalists James and Scheenagh Harrington talk about their blog It’s on the Telly, Stupid, where they review what’s on our TV



So you want to work in TV?

Why you started your website, when you started it – and how?

It’s on the Telly, Stupid started as a WordPress site, and was a way for us to let off steam. We love writing about TV, but our day job meant we didn’t always get the chance to say what we really felt about programmes, but our blog (now part of our company Black Mountain Editorial) allows us a lot more creative freedom.

How often do you blog?

We update at least once a day now, and we’re never short of inspiration! The fast-moving world of TV and entertainment means we’re always busy. The hardest thing is making sure we don’t become too formulaic in our posts. We don’t want to resort to shock tactics, but we aim to keep our copy fresh, informative and entertaining.

What makes your blog stand out?

We talk about telly – especially new shows – and all things connected to it. We hope the quality of our writing makes us stand out from the crowd – that and our passion for the subject.

James Harrington

Best read pages or posts on your site?

The most popular posts surprised us, it was a preview for new CBBC series The Dumping Ground – it was viewed by more than 200 people in about 12 hours. Amazing.

Your blog’s vital statistics?

So far his month (January 2013) we’ve had more than 1,000 views and we aim to build on that audience as much as possible.

What now?

As before, we want to build – and please – our audience, but at the same time expand our remit to cover series blogs, more news items, reviews and well as previews and maybe the odd interview or two – there’s lots of scope. It’s also our shop window for copywriting work, so the bigger the audience, the happier we are.

Scheenagh Harrington

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