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After facing criticism for running child beauty pageants, mum Leanne Woodhall decided to launch a website to show others the positive side…



I’m Leanne Woodall, aged 33 and mum to six wonderful children aged 16 years to 2 years. Director of Miss Natural Sparkle Beauty Pageants and Sparkle Girlz Magazine. I became involved in pageants after my 8 year old daughter at the time begged for me to let her enter one so 18 months on here we are.

Woodhall family, pageants
The Woodhall family

When did you start your website and what were the aims?

We started our website for Sparkle Girlz the week before christmas, because being a mum to a pageant queen and a director we have faced a lot of criticism. So we felt the best way to get across the truth, and the positives of pageantry was to develop a online magazine, with the aim of it to be published after a couple of months. Our aims are to bring world pageantry together, to show the charity work, the positive sides to pageantry. We will include interviews, advice, photos, stories,blogs and competitions.We also aim to get professional doctors, pyschologists to ask questions, submit reports about UK pageants, we want people to see that we don’t all follow toddlers and tiaras style pageant. Pageants are more than make up and spray tans, many girls enter to build their confidence, to raise money for charity or to open up doors for them in a career path they choose.

What do you blog about? Sparklegirlz website

Our website is about pageants, fashion, hair, make up, boutiques. Tips, interviews with pageant directors, beauty queens, Pageants around the world.

How often do you blog/update your site?

Pageantry is growing bigger each year, and because we are aiming at pageant girls internationally we have found their are lots of positive stories, interviews to cover. We will be updating our website on a weekly basis.

Best read pages?

Already it’s the inspirational stories that are proving most popular, stories about how pageants have helped people overcome illness or bulling. People also love reading about pageants abroad with interviews from those involved from around the world.

How many views on your site so far?

We are very new but we are hoping to become recognised for our positive approach to pageants, for the fund raising we do – and of course we hope to show case pageant entrants. Our Facebook page is already well established with 600 likes – and that was just the first week we started so we are very confident the website will be popular too!

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  1. Hi,i think its great:-) as you get to show the positives:-) as mum to a carnival girl whos 7 and has been doing her thingand raising money for local charities,the little girls get to live there dream of dressing like a princess at each event and compete and have fun.if they dont win its not the be all,its the taking part and the fun of it.if it also adds confidence too so be it.all positive as far as im concerned.:-)

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