Jessica Pardoe, 19, is Britain's tallest teenage girl

Is Elisany da Cruz Silva the world’s tallest teen girl…?

According to an article in The Sun and the Daily Mail, 6ft 8″ Elisany da Cruz Silva is the ‘world’s tallest teen girl.’

Jessica Pardoe, 19, is Britain's tallest teenage girl
Jessica (6ft 10″) with mum (6ft)

But in fact a taller teen girl lives much closer to home! A quick google ‘Britain’s tallest teen’ would have revealed no need to import this story from Brazil as in Britain we currently hold this crown. The tallest teenage girl in the world lives in the UK – near Wrexham, North Wales.

Jessica Pardoe is aged 19 and unlike Elisany who it’s claimed has a form of gigantism due to a tumour on her pituitary gland which has caused her to grow so tall, is perfectly healthy and NATURALLY TALL!

Jessica also has the longest legs in Britain.

Sister site Featureworld, who represents Jessica, has placed her story previously in the Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail, Daily Star and Reveal. Her story has also appeared on German TV and more recently on Russian TV. She is shortly to appear in Pick me Up magazine.

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See stunning Jessica on Russian TV

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  1. Theres a girl who lives West haven, Ct. that satnds 7ft-1″ and shes 18yrs old. I seen her in Walmart. I introduced myself to her. Its so shocking to stand in front of a woman that tall! I felt like a small child but Im 5ft-8″ Her hands emgulfed mine completely!

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