Is the world about to end?

The end of the world may be nigh. Some people believe it will happen on Friday. Predictions

The Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012 and for centuries there have been predictions that the date would bring the apocalypse.

It may sound like superstitious nonsense to most people, but the date is causing stress and worry in some parts of the world.

A poll by Ipsos, published in May, suggests that eight per cent of people across 21 countries have been feeling anxious because they fear the world will end this year.

And on Friday, December 14, NASA joined the debate by launching a video to reassure people that we are not about to encounter Doomsday.

Douglas Ballard is a Visionary and Energy Healing Practitioner who has been called the “New Nostradamus” because of the accuracy of his predictions.

He says December 21st will not bring the end of the world in the literal sense, but it will be a time of huge change and many people will be affected.

Douglas predicts it will be a day of low energy, when many people will feel very down, with a lot of sadness and tears. People may feel frustrated, lethargic or unable to work.

More info: Douglas Ballard

Obviously though if you are reading this and it’s past ‘that Friday’ then the world is still going…

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