Gemma Long with her children

Gemma Long appears in The Sun…

Gemma Long’s story about how her gastric bypass is threatening to starve her to death appears in THE SUN newspaper. Gemma Long, gastric bypass

Before going to sister site Featureworld, Gemma had tried numerous ways to sell her story. But she’d been unable to get it out there.

However, we were able to place Gemma’s story in THE SUN newspaper and had lots of interest from a number of magazines to run her story. It has now been placed with one of those women’s magazines to run in the New Year.

Mum of two Gemma had a gastric bypass after she piled on the pounds and ended up at 20 stones. The weight fell off and she was delighted with her size eight figure.

Only, the weight has continued to fall, with Gemma now weighing under 8stones. She is suffering from a condition where the bypass, which is not reversible, has stopped her absorbing her food properly. This means she needs to eat vast quantities of food to keep her weight up.

Gemma Long with her children
Gemma today…

Eating virtually double the amount of calories a day for the normal woman – and not get fat – sounds fantastic. But the condition leaves Gemma feeling constantly tired and run-down. She also needs to take lots of supplements and have vitamin jabs at the doctor’s.

Gemma wanted to tell her story to raise awareness and make people think twice before opting for risky gastric surgery.

Her story has now been placed with a national women’s mag.

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