Day I discovered my son isn't mine...

Paternity story in the Sunday Mirror…

There can be nothing worst than finding out the son you’ve brought up as your own for 18 years isn’t really your son at all. DNA test - dad and son not related

But this is what happened to Mike Yates. After hearing gossip that son Michael wasn’t related to him, the pair did a DNA test. They expected it to quash the rumours. But instead, it revealed a devastating truth – they are not related after all.

Mike, 55 and Michael, 18, have had their worlds rocked by the revelation. It has caused chaos in both of their lives. But incredibly, while naturally agonised by their discovery, the pair can’t erase years of happy memories together – and they plan to stay close.

Mike and Michael’s heartwrenching story appeared over two pages in the SUNDAY MIRROR . They are now considering offers from television for their story and our sister site Featureworld already further coverage lined up with a glossy weekly women’s magazine.

Mike said: “The story in the Sunday Mirror was beautifully written and we hope it helps anyone else facing the same nightmare we’ve had to.”

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