I'm a Celebrity 2012 Eric Bristow

Has ITV edited Eric Bristow to make him look ‘a bully’ ?

According to reports in The Sun newspaper, Eric Bristow’s manager is considering bringing in lawyers over the way he’s been portrayed in I’m A Celebrity. I'm a Celebrity 2012 Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow’s son James is quoted as saying he’s upset that his dad is being made to look like a ‘bully.’ Millions have watched as Eric made some comments to fellow contestant Helen Flanagan about her spots. He was also shown making disparaging remarks to Rosemary Shrager about her weight.

So what’s the truth? Could the show have been edited to make Eric Bristow look nasty?

One of the problems with going on reality TV or documentary – and something we make all interviewees fully aware of when they decide to go on the telly – is you can’t take back what you have said. This is really only an issue with reality TV or documentaries as with live television (such as ITV This Morning or Daybreak) what you say is in context (ie: as it’s live it isn’t edited.) It also looks much worse when you are seen to say it – you can hardly say for example that what you said wasn’t reported correctly.

We all say things we don’t mean. Sometimes an interviewee will ring us after an interview and say they are worried about something they’ve said – and it can be reworded. But anyway we read all copy back to interviewees so ensure they are happy with it prior to publication.

The issue with television is most of the time you have no say in the edit. And of course to make a programme interesting, producers will broadcast the most interesting things you say.

However, ITV has told The Sun that it always makes ‘fair representation’ of what goes on in the camp. At the same time obviously they can hardly broadcast something that hasn’t been said.

And we think he has come over pretty well. Surely he’s just like lots of plain-speaking but loveable ‘dads’ telling it how it is? Viewers also clearly like him – after all he’s still being voted for. As well as this, everyone coming out of the jungle has said what a great bloke he is. I seem to recall at least one said they hoped Eric would win.

So maybe in this case it’s just his son feeling over-protective about his dad.

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