Which profession gives the most to charity?

Lawyers are the most generous givers to charity, whilst those working in teaching, construction and the unemployed give the least, according to a survey.

The Charity Checkout survey found that those working in teaching and the construction industry gave to charity no more often than the unemployed.

The survey doesn’t say why lawyers are so generous but we suggest it is because they earn more and giving to charity can lower your tax bill. This is because higher rate (40%) tax payers or additional (50% tax payers) are able to reclaim the difference on your tax return at the end of the year.

This report comes as recent figures suggest a drop in donations to charity from last year. In 2011 the proportion of individuals who gave to charity in the average month was 58%, whilst this year that figure was expected to drop by around 6%.

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, CEO of CharityCheckout.co.uk, said, “We were pleasantly surprised by the generosity of the individuals we surveyed online. 60% had given to charity in the last month, a few percent more than we had expected. This is good news for the sector.”

Mojay-Sinclare went on to say that over the last three months, the average donation via the CharityCheckout.co.uk website was £59.50, around double the average donation in the UK.

He said, “There has been a huge increase in online giving over recent years. This explains the positive outlook. These days people from all professions are giving online.”

The full results of the CharityCheckout.co.uk survey conducted by Usurv.com can be found here. We have compiled a top ten most generous professions list below.

Top 10 Most Generous Professions

1. Legal
2. Health
3. Sales
4. Property
5. Financial
6. Retail
7. Hospitality
8. Construction
9. Unemployed
10. Teaching

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