Does your partner have a secret email address?

Researchers have found a quarter of men use an email address nobody knows about to correspond with an ex-partner or somebody their other half doesn’t like. Adultery

One in ten said they deliberately set up the account as they were having an affair or because they had financial problems they were keen to hide.

Shockingly one in twenty men has even resorted to buying a second mobile phone to ensure ultimate secrecy, according to internet and mobile security firm BullGuard.

So it’s no wonder then that 77 percent delete text messages in case their wife or girlfriend goes snooping.

The poll found 20 percent of men that keep emails hush-hush said there were certain aspects of their life their spouse just didn’t need to know about.

The study also found that a quarter of men said they would be left red faced if someone went through their Google history.

Mike Hodges, COO at BullGuard said, “Of course there are legitimate security concerns that might involve someone setting up a second email address, or clearing browser history.”

“We would hope that in most cases this is being done for moral reasons for example to help avoid phishing scams and not because people are being unfaithful or up to no good.”

“Many people use a secondary email account when registering for casual activities such as hobbies and interests, with a primary email account used for more important tasks such as online banking and online shopping.”

“Naturally we all have details that we want to keep private but we are all guilty of accidentally leaving our phones around haphazardly whether it’s at home, in the office or even on public transport.”

“If your mobile phone were to be stolen, you never know who could end up with your personal and confidential information.”

The survey found more than one in twenty men has even been dumped because of something incriminating a partner had found on their phone or PC.

And a crafty one in four men use a plethora of different passwords to their email accounts and social networking sites to try and deceive the lady in their life.

Nearly a quarter of men said they had content in their inbox that they wouldn’t want their partner to see, with confirmation of purchases they have bought being the main reason.

Although a third said they had flirty emails stored that they need to keep under wraps.

One in ten men has confided over email to friends about their relationship problems which could also land them in hot water with their wife or girlfriend.

Of those polled, two thirds of all men choose not to share their passwords with their other half and 23 percent admitted to being secretive about what was stored on their phone and PC.

And a guilt ridden 18 percent of men also feel the need to delete certain pictures and video clips ‘just in case.’

Hodges added: “Going through someone’s phone is obviously a huge invasion of privacy, and is certainly something we can’t condone.

“With BullGuard Mobile Security you can lock and wipe your phone remotely to make sure no one can access your personal information, passwords and financial data.”

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