Blogs a way of making extra cash

The influence of the mummy blogger revealed…

Parent blogging isn’t just a way of sharing experiences with bringing up kids, it has become a part-time job for many mums and dads and a way to earn extra income, reveals a new survey. Blogs a way of making extra cash

And advertisers are just as keen to make relationships with bloggers because they recognise how important they can be to their brand,

In fact the survey by Tots100, which has the UK’s largest community of parent blogs reveals one third of the bloggers have been asked not to disclose a paid relationship with a brand on their blog.

Meanwhile, 50 per cent of women have made a purchase based on a blog recommendation with 93 per cent of them using social media to research new products before buying.

Parent blogging is gathering momentum in the UK, with over 4,000 active blogs listed in the Tots100 directory. 97% of these sites are written by Mums, who say that blogging is a way for them to explore their creativity and capture precious family memories.

Blogging is also a way for families to earn extra income and try out new products, with 92% of bloggers keen to write product reviews on their sites. Parent bloggers are also keen to attend brand-hosted events, and to publish sponsored content and advertising on their sites.

However, there is still some way to go in building better relationships between blogs and brands. One third of the bloggers surveyed say they have been asked not to disclose a paid relationship with a brand on their blog. In addition, 70% of bloggers say most of the information they receive from brands is simply not relevant to their blog.

The results are published as Tots100 launches a campaign to find a charity partner for Tots100 Ads, the UK’s first advertising network exclusively for parent bloggers. The service provides thousands of Mums and Dads with a way to earn extra money from their blogs, with a third of proceeds going direct to good causes.

Commenting on the survey, Sally Whittle, founder of Tots100, said: “The results suggest that blogging is becoming an increasingly important source of income for many families, and it’s the perfect time for brands to build relationships with parent bloggers. However, brands and PR professionals must invest time and effort in to these relationships to reap the rewards.”

Key survey findings include:

82% of parents who blog do so as a creative outlet, while 72% say their blog is also an important way to record family memories

97% of UK parent blogs are written by women. On average, Mummy bloggers are aged 30-40, and have 2 children. 9 out of 10 are married.

50% of bloggers have met up with other bloggers in their local area, while 45% have attended an event hosted by a brand or PR agency.

The number of bloggers accepting paid links has fallen from 47% in 2011 to less than 20% in 2012.

The full survey results are available to download at the Tots 100 website:

About Tots100

Tots100 is the UK’s largest community of active parent bloggers. We partner with brands to devise and implement creative, engaging blogger outreach campaigns. Brands can also subscribe to our industry-leading database, providing detailed metrics and profiles on more than 4,000 active UK parent blogs.

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