How will the celebrities fare in the jungle…?

With the latest series of “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” underway, astrologist Russell Grant reveals how he believes each of the celebs will cope and most importantly, get on with their fellow camp mates. Who will become friends..? Will there be tantrums and tears? And can we expect any romance..?

David Haye I'm a celebrity 2012 David Haye

Libran David Haye, 32, a former WBA heavyweight champion, has a spirit of goodwill that will answer any crisis call. He knows the way to tackle tougher moments will be to urge everyone to stick together and work as a team. But when push comes to shove, it’ll be every man for himself because he’s in it to win.

Colin Baker I'm a Celebrity 2012 Colin Baker

When in the jungle, Gemini Colin Baker, 69, who played Dr Who, will insist, to an extent, on doing it ‘his way.’ Viewers will be kept entertained watching his tactics as be gets others to believe his ideas are always best. Lowering his sights by toning down unrealistic expectations would heighten the sense of achievement he gets out of the experience.

Brian Conley Brian Conley, I'm a Celebrity 2012

Leo Brian Conley, 51, a TV entertainer, will add a cheery tone to the jungle. Thanks to Mars in Virgo his excellent organizational qualities will enable him to steal a march on the more competitive celebrities.

Eric Bristow

I'm a Celebrity 2012 Eric BristowTaureans are typically fond of the good things in life. At least his Mars in Gemini will help darts celebrity Eric Bristow, 55, make the best of any situation. He may have to do without his luxuries but the message he’s determined to convey is: nothing can stop him cutting back on having a good time. Eric’s likely to share a love-hate relationship with fellow Taurean Charlie Brooks.

Hugo Taylor Hugo Taylor I'm a Celebrity 2012

Mars in Capricorn makes for a competitive and determined nature although Gemini Hugo Taylor, 26, of Made in Chelsea fame can hide this well. It may turn out his expectations are too high and he won’t be able to hang on in the jungle for as long as he first intended. His habit of turning every setback into a catastrophe will cause a lot of irritation.

Charlie Brooks I'm a Celebrity 2012 Charlie Brookes

With Taurus strong in her chart, actress Charlie’s stubbornness and rigid personality traits will soon show themselves. The 31-year-old has her own ways and won’t listen to anyone else. Obduracy could be her downfall. A more flexible approach would make her jungle experience a whole lot easier.

Helen Flanagan I'm a Celebrity 2012 Helen Flanagan

Trying to rationalize everyone else’s emotions might be a bad idea for this super-sensitive Cancerian. Former Coronation St star Helen Flanagan, 22, could get it all wrong. Her self-protective mind might make her hard to fathom at first. It matters hugely to her that she is liked by everyone.

Linda Robson I'm a Celebrity 2012, Linda Robson

Piscean actress and Loose Women guest Linda Robson, 54, will not suffer fools gladly. She knows what she is letting herself in for and is determined to conquer her fears. Her whacky ideas will make her popular at first but certain people will test her patience and if she rises to the bait bitter arguments might spoil her overall experience.

Nadine Dorries I'm a Celebrity 2012, Nadine Dorries

With Venus in Gemini, Nadine Dorries, 55, the Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, will have a natural friendliness that shines through and a youthful spirit that belies her age in years. Whatever danger is lurking in the jungle, it will be nothing compared with the risk she’s taking with her career. Common sense will be her best friend.

Ashley Roberts I'm a Celebrity 2012, Ashley Roberts

With Mercury in Libra, singer Ashley, 31, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls, will be the one to be found in situations that need a delicate approach. Whenever someone provokes a confrontation she will jump in to try to smooth things over. – Until she is asked to stop poking her nose into other people’s business!

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