Had baby using Indian surrogate

Chris and Joanne McDuff appear in NEW! magazine…

Chris and Joanne McDuff tell NEW! mag how they have no regrets over spending £28,000 to get their twins via an Indian surrogate. Our twins from an Indian surrogate - New! mag

After years of trying for a baby with no success, Joanne and Chris McDuff are finally the proud parents of twins Andrew and Imogen, seven months. But their birth was controversial. For the McDuffs are one of a growing number of British couples to pay an Indian surrogate to carry and give birth to their baby for them.

Critics have slammed the ‘rent a womb’ arrangements at Indian ‘baby factories’ saying they exploit the Indian women, who are often very poor. Reports claim the Indian surrogates live in grim dormitories away from their families to have their babies for wealthy couples.

But the McDuffs, who paid a total of £28,000, have no regrets. And the couple from Stockport, Cheshire, describe their rollercoaster journey to become a family to New! magazine and why they believe they did the right thing…

Chris and Joanne’s emotional story has already appeared via Featureworld in THE SUN newspaper and they also appeared on ITV THIS MORNING.

See the story in THE SUN

See the McDuff’s on ITV THIS MORNING

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