Aloka-Romaine in Pageant oufit

Claire Walker and her daughter appear in REVEAL…

Claire Walker’s story about entering her little girl Aloka-Romaine into beauty pageants appears in REVEAL mag… Beauty pageant - Aloka-Romaine

Child beauty pageants are one of those things parents feel strongly about – especially American style beauty pageants similar to those seen on the popular TV show, Toddlers and Tiaras. On one side are the parents who feel dressing their child up is just harmless fun. And they see nothing wrong with their child wearing make up ‘like mummy does’, having their nails manicured or daubing on some fake tan. After all, they claim, little girls in particular have enjoyed dressing up through the ages, pageants are safe family orientated events and wearing full pageant garb is something their child only does occasionally.

On the other side are those parents who worry about children being judged on their looks, and believe wearing make up, heels, fake tan and wigs is making a child grow up too fast. Costumes in particular have come in for special criticism, particularly if it is revealing or cut away bikini style.

Aloka-Romaine in Pageant oufit
Aloka-Romaine in her pageant outfit

Claire Walker is one mum firmly in the first camp. She says daughter Aloka-Romaine might only be 16 months but she adores the fuss and attention of a pageant. Claire enjoys making her daughter’s clothes and as she is entering her daughter into an American-style pageant likes to go the full hog, with hair and make up.

She explained her reasons more fully over two pages in this week’s REVEAL mag and was proud that a photo of Aloka-Romaine even appeared on the front cover.

Claire says: ‘The story in Reveal was a good read and Loki-Lou was on the front cover next to my idol Katie Price!’

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Alison Smith-Squire

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2 thoughts to “Claire Walker and her daughter appear in REVEAL…”

  1. I’d like to see what the child looks like without her hair/make-up. Personally I believe these events satisfy the parents not the childrean and that at 16-months the child is too young to be involved.

    1. Hi I’m aloka’s father and although I’m not ecstatic about the whole pageant thing it make me a little sick to my stomach when people talk about sexualising young girls’ my princess is absolutely beautiful without all the make up ect ect !
      up but it’s all part of the show and Aloka really enjoys it’ and if she didn’t I wouldn’t allow !!! Claire is a fantastic mother too all our 3 gorgeous children and would never allow any harm to come to any of them. Personally I think it’s a terrible world we live in when parents can’t enjoy their children for fear of been branded ! I mean for Christ sake your not allowed to photo your own children for fear of been branded a kiddy fiddler’ so no more family photos at the baths or round the pool, our eldest son has recently started school and we had to take a couple of pictures away from the school yard I’m mean it just wrong and all because of these sick individuals who pray on young children.’ What is wrong with the world, if we spent less time worrying about a bit of harmless fun between a mother and daughter we might get somewhere, then today we read that high end politicians have been caught raping and abusing young boys, I’m truly lost for words it’s almost like it is the norm you read so much about these cases these day, what ever happened to falling in love with another adult and making children and having a family to enjoy it for exactly that, to enjoy a family life and bring your children up.

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