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Danielle Shorten was just 23 when she got the terrible news she had inherited a breast cancer gene. Danielle Shorten in Reveal mag

Both her mum and grandmum had fought breast cancer. While luckily her mum was fine, her grandmum was just 54 when she got it and passed away three years later.
Danielle faced having numerous tests – although some of that testing couldn’t begin until she was in her 30s – and the constant worry she’d develop breast cancer. Her mum was just 23 when it was first diagnosed and 29 when it came back.

So she made the radical decision to undergo a double mastectomy. At the same time she had a reconstruction. It was drastic, but today she is very happy she had the op as she can look to the future without fear.

Danielle spoke out after singer Michelle Heaton revealed that she too suffers from a breast cancer gene. The star is now opting to have the same radical surgery.

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