ITV This Morning - stepdad spied on me

Bethany Buckle appears on ITV This Morning…

Following her double page spreads in CLOSER magazine and THE SUN newspaper, Bethany Buckle went on ITV THIS MORNING to tell her extraordinary story. ITV This Morning - stepdad spied on me

When Bethany, 18, found a file saying ‘home movies’ on a family computer, she was shocked to click on it and find it was footage of her naked. It turned out her stepdad Michael Connor had secretly filmed her in her bedroom with pinhead cameras. Worse was to come when Bethany’s mother chose to stand by Connor, which meant Bethany had to move out of the family home.

Bethany, who was interviewed by Holly Willoughby, said: “I was dead nervous going on TV. But it was a great experience.”

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