Voyeurism story appears in Closer

Bethany Buckle’s story appears in the Sun on Sunday…

Bethany Buckle, whose stepdad secretly filmed her naked for years, appears in THE SUN ON SUNDAY newspaper…Sell story to the Sun

We are delighted to have gained Bethany, 18, further coverage for her story in a newspaper. Previously her story had appeared via Featureworld in CLOSER magazine.

Bethany was just 15 when she clicked on some ‘home movies’ on the family computer and made the shocking discovery it was footage of her naked and getting changed. A few years later she found another set of films – it transpired they were made by her stepdad Michael Connor. Connor had planted a pen and pinhead cameras in her bedroom.

But worse was to come when despite Connor admitting voyeurism on court, Bethany’s mum stood by him. It ended up with Bethany having to move out of the family home.

Bethany still hopes to make things up with her mum – who she always believed she was close to – but she doesn’t know if she can ever forgive her.

We are now gaining Bethany further coverage for her story.

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