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Carla Lamprey appears in Best magazine…

Carla Lamprey – who used to be Paul – tells her extraordinary transexual story to BEST mag where she appears on the cover… Carla Lamprey Best magazine

Having already appeared via Featureworld in THE SUN newspaper and ITV THIS MORNING, Carla Lamprey gives her most revealing interview yet.

Carla used to be Paul. But when he decided to live as a woman, wife Jane couldn’t cope and left him to bring up their two children Charlie and Conor. In the interview that goes over two double pages of the magazine, Carla explains: “I loved my wife and I hate myself for breaking up our family. I just wish I wasn’t like this or that Jane could have accepted me as Carla.”

Incredibly Jane had known about and tried to accept her husband’s cross dressing. As Paul, he’d been dressing up as a female since the age of 4. And during their marriage, the couple even went with Paul dressed as Carla on nights out. Carla also never hid her cross dressing from their children. Although they still call Carla ‘dad’ they’ve grown up with it and accept it.

But when Carla began taking hormones and growing breasts, and felt the compulsion to be a woman full time, Jane left. That was two years ago and the family have not seen her since. They have since discovered through her lawyer that she has a new man and a son aged ten months.

Carla says: “The children are deeply hurt. Charlie, in particular, feels abandoned by her mum.”

Charlie says: “I’m angry with mum; she’d known about Dad from the start. If she’d had a problem with it, why have kids in the first place.”

After the article was printed, Carla said: “Myself and the children are so, so happy with the article in Best mag. We have been absolutely delighted with the way our story has been dealt with and cannot thank Featureworld enough.”

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