Clare Newton - story in Reveal

Clare Newton appears in Reveal mag…

Former drinker Clare Newton tells the story of how she won’t have a baby – because she fears it could become an alcoholic – to REVEAL mag. Is alcoholism inherited?

Is alcoholism inherited? Several studies have shown it might be in the genes. Certainly Clare Newton believes it is. With a history of drinking problems in her own family, she herself succumbed. Thankfully for the past five years she has been dry but as she reaches her early thirties and is due to marry next year, the issue of whether she should have her own family has come up…

Fortunately fiance Wayne already has children from a previous relationship. So this has made Clare’s decision not to have children clearer. The reason is quite simply that she believes it would be selfish to have a child – she is worried she could pass an alcoholism gene on. And if she did, she’d never forgive herself.

Clare’s story has already appeared via Featureworld in the DAILY MAIL newspaper where it went over two pages. And we were delighted to be able to give her story further coverage in glossy magazine REVEAL.

Clare says: “I am delighted with both stories and very happy with the way they were written.”

Read Clare’s heart-wrenching story here: Why I can’t risk having a baby

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