John Saunders, Daily Mirror

I dieted so my sons wouldn’t be orphans…

John Saunders’ emotional story appears in the DAILY MIRROR newspaper. John Saunders, Daily Mirror

John’s story is one of those that sticks in your mind because it is so incredibly poignant… widower John, 32, has lost over seven stones – because he doesn’t want his two sons to be orphans.
John, a security guard, had always been overweight. And when two years ago his wife, Holly, 26, died from cervical cancer, he found comfort in food, piling on even more weight.
But then he looked in the mirror one day and simply saw a ‘walking heart attack’ reflected in the glass.
And having gone on a healthy eating diet, John has gone from almost 23 stones to 16 stones. John Saunders, Daily Mirror
John, who is now bringing up his two sons aged six and three on his own said: “I realised if I didn’t get a grip of my eating habits, my weight could kill me. I was terrified I’d suddenly drop down dead and the children would have lost both their parents.”
John now also goes to the gym three times a week.

John’s story has previously appeared via Featureworld in Take a Break magazine and we are absolutely thrilled to gain more good coverage for John in the Daily Mirror.

Read John’s story in the Daily Mirror

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