Voyeurism story appears in Closer

Mum chose Peeping Tom stepdad over me…

Bethany Buckle bravely speaks out in CLOSER magazine… and her story is now due to appear in a national newspaper and on national TVCloser - story about voyeurism

Bethany had always thought of stepdad Michael Connor as a loving father. But then while browsing on a family computer, she discovered video footage of herself naked. It had been taken without her knowledge while she was getting changed – and naturally she was horrified.

It turned out the footage was taken by her stepdad – he’d placed a spy pen on her desk to make one film and two pinhead cameras in the walls to make another.

Bethany was encouraged by her boyfriend Ryan to go to the Police and Connor admitted charges of voyeurism. He was given a three-year community service order, three year’s probation and put on the sex offenders’ register for five years. Voyeurism story appears in Closer

Bethany expected her mum Tracy would stand by her. But her mum insisted Connor was simply ‘checking up’ on Bethany. Bethany then found out her mum was still in contact with Connor and after a series of rows Bethany ended up moving out.

She says: I feel so betrayed by mum. I hope we can eventually repair our relationship, but I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive her.”

Bethany was delighted with her story, which went over two pages in Closer magazine, and we have now placed it with a big national newspaper. She will also shortly be appearing on national TV.

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