Transgender mum who was dad

Carla Lamprey appears on ITV This Morning…

Transgender Carla Lamprey – she used to be a dad and now she is mum – appears on ITV THIS MORNINGTransgender mum who was dad

Our interviewee Carla gave a fascinating insight into life as a mum to her two children daughter Charlie and son Conor to viewers of ITV This Morning.

Charlie was too shy to actually appear on the sofa and be interviewed by Philip Scofield and Holly Willoughby – but son Charlie told how he still calls Carla dad!

Conor adds he has always been used to Carla – who used to be dad Paul – dressing as a woman so he thinks nothing of it. Meanwhile Carla said that although they are an unconventional family, they are actually very normal as well. She loves quad biking with Conor and shopping with Charlie. The four of them, who live in a farm in Devon, rarely argue and as Holly Willoughby commented, both children are extremely well balanced individuals – a testament to mum Carla. She has brought them up single-handedly since her marriage ended a few years ago.

Carla’s story has already appeared over two pages in THE SUN newspaper and is now set to go into a leading women’s magazine.

Read more here: Carla’s story in The Sun

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