Pageant entrant

Behind the scenes at a US Style child beauty pageant…

We went behind the scenes of Miss Mini Princess UK to find out what appearing in an American style beauty pageant really involves! Story in the SUNDAY MIRROR newspaper… Miss Mini Princess UK, Sunday Mirror

Should children – some of whom are only babies – wear make up, be dressed up and be judged on their beauty for a pageant? There’s been a number of controversial stories about such pageants recently.

Mums, such as Claire Walker with Aloka-Romaine, 15 months (pictured) say children – especially little girls – just adore to dress up in pretty clothes. Little girls have been trying on mummy’s heels and lipstick for decades and as the children do not go out dressed like this, they don’t see any harm. Certainly at Miss Mini Princess UK photoshoot which we attended – the final is due to be held in November – many families treated it as a fun day out. And a lot of the little girls did enjoy getting dressed up and posing for their photos.

Pageant entrant
Claire and little Aloka-Romaine

On the other hand critics claim such pageants encourage girls to grow up too fast. Childhood is very short and there’s plenty of time for children to wear make up and worry about their looks. Some also go as far as to say such pageants sexualise children, especially when they are dressed in skimpy or grown up outfits. And then they say babies are too young to say for themselves if they want to do it or not.

Whatever your views, there certainly appears to be a demand for pageants like this in the UK. And it is undoubtedly something that will divide parents for some time to come…

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Would you let your child go into a pageant? Let us know your thoughts below…

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