How to write erotic fiction

How to write erotic fiction…

We all know how successful Fifty Shades of Grey has been. So could you make it as a successful erotic writer? YOU Magazine, the Mail on Sunday supplement, has teamed up with erotic publisher Black Lace – an imprint of Ebury Publishing – to find a new erotic author. How to write erotic fiction

But could you write the sort of sex millions will want to read? Here three experts – Gillian Green, an editorial director at Ebury, erotic author Eden Bradley and pre-publication book reader Rachel Blowes, give some tips:

* Don’t go sex mad

Fifty Shades of Grey is known as an ‘erotic romance’ so be sure to develop a relationship between your characters.

* Always please your reader

If you are writing for a mostly female audience. Your storyline should therefore include a man and a woman plus an up and down romance or a love triangle. And your characters must have strong sexual chemistry between them.

* Research your facts

If you are writing about bondage for example, you must know what you are talking about!

* Your hero is very important

The key to every successful erotic romance (indeed every romantic book) is your Mr Right who as well as being the ultimate fantasy figure should have flaws which your heroine can redeem.

* But pay attention to your heroine

Your reader must be able to identify with your heroine and care about her.

* You must enjoy erotic romance

Be honest with yourself. Writing erotic fiction isn’t for everyone – if you’re uncomfortable about it, then you won’t be able to let go in your writing either (so your novel won’t be believable..)

* Don’t rush into sex scenes

Building sexual tension is just as important – although remember while your book doesn’t have to be as raunchy as Fifty Shades of Grey it’s success shows this is what readers want.

* Infidelity is out

Although sex might be erotic in your novel, your characters should retain traditional morals. Cheating it seems is a turn-off…

* Read other books for inspiration

Think about how you will describe the sex and parts of the body. It’s a good idea to read lots of other books to see how other authors do this, and then to develop your own style.

* Write to the desired length

Your erotic novel should come in at around 80,000 words.

Read the full feature in YOU and find out to apply here: Your Chance to Add another Shade of Grey

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