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Fifty Shades of Grey novel gave us a longed for baby…

Tammy and Stephen Colcombe’s story about how spicing up their sexlife with the erotic novel gave them a longed-for baby appears in the SUNDAY PEOPLE newspaper…Tammy Colcombe - Sunday People

For years Tammy and her husband’s lives had revolved around trying for a baby.
Their first son Samuel, 6, was only born after gruelling IVF treatment. But since his birth the couple had been trying to give him a brother or sister – even resorting to three more expensive IVF attempts.
But now the couple are expecting a baby girl – after giving their love life a kick with the book Fifty Shades of Grey.
Tammy, 37, who is five months pregnant with their baby, said: “Since we wed in 2000 our sex life has been dominated by trying to get pregnant. And my husband I had decided to accept having another child wasn’t to be and to be happy we had Samuel.
“However, some girlfriends were raving about a book and saying it had pepped up their love lives. I thought why not read it and try some of these things out ourselves? It was great fun and really made us realise there is more to sex than just trying to get pregnant.”
Nevertheless the couple – who’d give up all thoughts of trying to get pregnant – were amazed when only a few weeks later Tammy began feeling sick and tired – and incredibly a pregnancy test proved positive!
She says: “We couldn’t believe it. We’ve spent thousands going through IVF. During the bout of IVF with Samuel I almost died when my eggs were harvested – it seems a miracle.
“But we have now seen our little girl on a scan waving her arms and legs about. We are overjoyed and amazed that a book I bought for a few pounds has finally given us a longed for sister for Samuel.”

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