Pros of dealing with a small business

How to promote yourself as a small business…

Being a small business – or perhaps even a one woman or one man company – can be daunting. How can you possibly compete against bigger businesses with plush offices and whole departments? Here, we give some top tips on how to turn being a smaller business to your advantage…Pros of dealing with a small business

* Offering a more direct and personal service

Clients often feel reassured that when they ring your number, you will pick up the phone and not someone else in the office. When selling yourself, capitalise on the fact that you do offer a personal service and your client won’t be delegated to someone more junior.

* Your overheads are likely to be less than a big company

Plush offices and an army of staff come with costs. Meanwhile, you can cut costs by working from home. It might be because of this you can undercut your bigger competitors, offering clients a more reasonably priced service.

* You can be more flexible

Many big offices work 9-5 hours but you can score by ensuring you are more available after hours.

* Have other freelancers you can call on

If a big order comes in, it’s useful and reassuring to clients if they know you do have other contacts you can call on.

* Smaller businesses will go that extra mile

It’s well known if you work for yourself or you own your business, you will feel more passionate about it than if you work for someone else. There’s no harm in making it clear to any potential client that your business depends on your success.

* You can appear less ‘corporate’

Big businesses can appear faceless. A smaller business can win over clients by appearing more down to earth and approachable. Added to this smaller businesses can have more appeal for other smaller businesses or one man bands who find approaching a larger company more daunting.

* Small businesses are often less beaurocratic

Big businesses often have set ways of doing things. People have to report to bosses and have conferences. Meanwhile, as a small business you can cut through this because you are making the decisions. This can mean a speedier service.

Finally … working for a small business can be more rewarding. You might find there is more support and you are given more responsibility quicker than in a larger company. Plus you won’t just be another worker who might not even be known by name by the director, but you will be part of a tight-knit team.

Are you a small business? What makes you proud as a small business owner and what benefits do you believe there are for clients? Let us know your thoughts below…

Alison Smith-Squire

Alison Smith-Squire is a writer, journalist and media agent selling exclusive real life stories to newspapers, magazines and TV. She owns the sell my story website, which was set up to help ordinary people sell their stories to the press.

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