Malissa Jones gets married

Malissa Jones appears in Best magazine…

We are thrilled with the double page story for Malissa Jones in BEST magazine this week. I was obese - now I'm anorexic
It’s now four years since we first sold a story for Malissa. She emailed through sell your story website Featureworld because aged 17 she was one of the youngest people in the UK to undergo gastric bypass surgery.
As with all our interviewees we are constantly seeking to find them more deals and many do become friends. This is why we are able to place stories time and again for the same interviewees syndicating their stories throughout the world.

Malissa Jones gets married
Malissa and Chris on their wedding day

Since the first story appeared in a Sunday newspaper, we have gone on to sell Malissa’s story dozens of times. We have followed her through the good and the bad times – from when she first lost weight (she was 34 stones) to when tragically she lost a baby boy to when she became anorexic. And now the latest episode in her life – she has married long-term love Chris who has been so supportive throughout.

Incredibly, we are delighted to announce we have another deal with a magazine – that piece is due to be published in October – and her story has recently been sold again abroad.

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