Surrogacy in India - ITV This Morning

McDuff family appear on ITV This Morning…

Joanne and Chris McDuff, who went to India to have their surrogate babies appear on ITV THIS MORNING Surrogacy in India - ITV This Morning

Having already appeared over two pages in THE SUN newspaper last week Chris and Joanne and their two beautiful twins went to the ITV studios to discuss why they chose to go to India to have their babies. Joanne and Chris McDuff - surrogacy in India

Joanne told how after years of trying for a baby and looking into surrogacy in the UK, they decided to go to the Corian Clinic in Mumbai. There they paid an egg donor to donate her egg and another Indian woman to carry their twins.

It is controversial as some claim the Indian women are being exploited by ‘renting their wombs’ to wealthy westerners.

However, it was an emotional journey and Joanne has now set up a website to help give advice to other couples considering the same route.

The McDuff’s twins were so well behaved on This Morning and really were the stars of the show in the end – everyone melted when they were brought on to join their mum and dad by Joanne’s mum and her sister, who accompanied them to the studio.

We have now gained the family another deal with a national women’s weekly magazine.

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