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Author Spot: Shirley Yanez

Two years ago we interviewed Shirley Yanez about why she has given up sex for a feature which appeared in the Daily Mirror. Now, Shirley, who is still celibate has written a book for men… The Sport of Seduction...


Name, age and area where you live

Shirley Yanez. 57 years old. Leicester.

Book name, publication date and publisher.

The Sport of Seduction. Every Man’s guide to getting laid. Published 24th July 2012. Self published on Kindle.

Is this your first book? If not, how many other books have you published?
This is my second book published. The first is called Looking for Harvey Weinstein. Published in 2005 in Hollywood and is up on Amazon advantage, paperback and kindle.

What is the book about?

This must have hilarious seducers manual guarantees a hole in one shot at getting you a birdie in the beddie. Every man’s guide to getting laid.
The book is satire humour and a very quick funny read. It is a guide on how Men can seduce women by using sporting antidotes and agony aunt advice. A how to seducers manual for beginners. I like to write satire and comedy about such matters as people take sex and life way to seriously these days. It is packed with silly blond jokes, coaching tips and light hearted funny ways to spice up any sex life.

My other book is a funny look at what it’s like to live in Hollywood behind the veneer.

When did you start writing/what gave you the idea to write a book?

After witnessing the over whelming interest from women across the globe, who have been turned on by Christian Grey, the leading man in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought it was time real men got some help with their seduction techniques, so I came up with a funny seducer’s guide, The Sport of Seduction; Every Man’s Guide To Getting Laid, in hope it can help inspire men to change their ways.

How long did it take to write?

I came up with the title when I gave up sex in 2002 but never really came up with the contents until recently when I became shocked at how many women have been turned on by the book 50 shades of grey. It made me think how sad it is that women would be turned on by such a beast, who in reality most women would hate – and I should know having spent my life being seduced by men like him. It took about four weeks of intense focus to write it and it was written for both men and women to have a laugh at themselves and get them talking about sex again, instead of it being a taboo uncomfortable subject matter.

Were friends and family surprised or shocked to read it at first?

It is a personal book because I believe sex has lost in allure for many women in this over sexualized society we now live in and just because you choose to not have sex, doesn’t mean you stop thinking, feeling and laughing at it. As a celibate by choice woman I have become increasingly more attractive to the opposite sex because men I believe want what they cannot have. Sport for most men is a substitute for lack of sex in the bedroom and I want women to lighten up a bit about the subject of sex. My friends and family think it is very funny and all are behind me, especially when it comes to finding me my perfect match.

How did you get published? Did you approach a literary agent first or go directly to a publisher?

I decided to self publish on Kindle because it is a simple amazing way for anyone to write a book, then sell it on line to others, cutting out the publisher completely. With social networking and other internet channels, marketing a book is quite easy and costs very little to make happen. I think Fifty Shades of Grey has proved that anyone can write a best seller and maybe this is a warning to stuffy publishers who miss many mass appeal titles without thought.

Was it hard to get published?

With Amazon Kindle anyone can publish an ebook. It is as easy as tying a shoe lace. The secret to its success is making sure the contents are unique, read well and have mass appeal. The title is critical but anyone can now get their hard work out there, which is just amazing to me.

Where is your book on sale?

My book is on Amazon Kindle and can be downloaded for £1.53

Any advice for other book writers?

I encourage all writers to get a book up on Kindle because it is simple to do and the only real way anyone can see your work and buy it. If it takes off, publishers will be ready to pick up the title and in the meantime you have a platform to promote it.

I think this book is unique because it was written about sex by someone who has given it up, therefore it is light hearted and honest. I also think with all the fuss about how frustrated many women are, the timing is perfect for debate on the subject matter.

More about Shirley Yanez

Shirley Yanez was born on a Leicester council estate, the fifth of six children in 1956. By the time she was forty she was a millionaire, living in beach front property in Los Angeles . In 2000, a stock market crash wiped out her fortune and a near death experience that followed due to no medical insurance and no money, left her homeless in an LA for a short time in 2005. She is now a life coach, social entrepreneur and commentator and presenter on TV and radio.

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  1. I think it is really great that these days anyone can publish a book on kindle so great feature and well done to Shirley.

  2. I agree with this about British Men needing some help in the bedroom. She does look good for her age and I also think Kindle is a good idea to get books published.

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