Channel 4 Food Hospital returns

Channel 4 Food Hospital returns…

Channel 4’s innovative factual programme, The Food Hospital, is returning for a second series and British Dietetic Association (BDA) media spokesperson, Lucy Jones, is once again taking a leading role in the primetime show. Channel 4 Food Hospital returns

The Food Hospital is due to return to our screens from Wednesday 19th September at 8pm on
Channel 4 for six weeks. Lucy Jones is joined once again by co-presenters GP Dr Giovanni Miletto and specialist obesity consultant surgeon, Shaw Somers.

Commissioned by the Specialist Factual arm of Channel 4, the series follows patients entering The Food Hospital and, uniquely, having their identified ailments and health conditions treated with food alone and then following the patients to see if their new diet had made any positive impact. For the first time, The Food Hospital will take to the road and go out and meet different groups of people to give them this innovative approach to health management.

There will be some serious issues covered on the show, alongside some more light hearted approach to busting numerous food myths.

Speaking about her role, Lucy Jones said:

“There are big exciting changes for series two! Whilst we are still seeing people at our clinic and treating different conditions, you can expect this to be a smaller part of the show compared to series one. We are doing more experiments and group work, travelling all over the country to complete filming. So far, filming locations have included a primary school in Plumstead, a fruit and veg shop in Brixton and as far afield
as a field in Worcester, and a house in Lincoln. Importantly, however, is the fact that we are still going to work on a science evidence base, which is so important and the impact of television is massive and I want to be part of something that is science, not science fiction.

“It’s been so nice that the whole team is back together again. I get on really well with Gio and Shaw.
The boys both seem to have been really busy work wise since series one and if I’m not mistaken, they look like they’ve been working out….ready for series two 😉

“There has been a massive amount of work gone into making this programme and I am very much
looking forward to seeing it air very soon. I hope people enjoy series two as much as the first series.”

Specialist Factual Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, Tanya Shaw, commissioned independent production company Betty, to make the series, and said:

“This is an exciting emerging area of medical science which is exploring whether food can provide genuine remedies for ailments. The experiments taking place at The Food Hospital, under the supervision of the medical team, will aim to reveal the untold health benefits and medicinal properties of certain foods,
whilst busting myths about some of the widely-held misconceptions and old wives tales.”

Helen Davidson, Honorary Chairman of the BDA, added:

“Lucy did an amazing job last year and the whole profession is so thrilled to see one of our own in such a high profile show flying the flag for dietitians.

“I can’t wait to see what the second series has to offer.”

The British Dietetic Association also sits on the show’s Ethics and Standards committee with BDA media spokesperson Sian Porter leading on this, in addition to BDA media spokesperson, Nicole Berberian, acting as the show’s off-screen dietitian.

The show will also have a big online presence and will seek to put science to the test nationwide. As a fully integrated cross-platform project, viewers will be invited to take part in a scientific study into how changes in diet can improve, if not cure, illnesses and ailments.

The Food Hospital airs weekly on Channel 4 at 8pm from Wednesday 19th September for six weeks.

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