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Author Spot: Wilma Davidson

With the success of erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s hard to remember sometimes the dangers of porn. Here grandmum Wilma Davidson tells why she feels it’s time to redress the balance … Wilma Davidson, author of the Porn Plague


Name: Wilma Davidson. Born Glasgow 5/9/35 Home in Dorset.

Book names and publishers
5 books published
Spirit Rescue published by Llewellyn Worldwide
Dowsing for Answers published by Green Magic
Dowsing for Answers “ “ “
Tears and Fears self published by EMP3 Books Ltd.
The Porn Plague “ “ “

What is the book about
The Porn Plague is the first book ever published to expose the scale of the porn epidemic and the damage caused to the health of children and teenagers.

What gave me the idea to write a book on this subject?
When I researched Tears and Fears which takes the lid off child sex abuse and trafficking, I kept finding info on porn so was motivated to write a follow-up book on this subject as they can be linked together.

Why did I choose to write Tears and Fears as it is such a contrast to the subjects of my other books?
I was sitting relaxing and wondering what subject to choose for my next book when a voice in my hear said very clearly “Child Sex Abuse”. To say I was very surprised is an understatement as I had been thinking along the lines of healing or a new age subject so my immediate reaction was No.No.No!

I was aware of the long term damage suffered by victims but had never considered writing about the subject.
I chewed it over in my mind and decided to sound out friends so met a few for coffee and told them I was considering child sex abuse as my next subject. To my astonishment they were very encouraging.

I began reading about stories of abuse and I realised this was an enormous subject and that it was kept under wraps as victims did not confide in anyone, mainly because they had been threatened by the abuser.

After speaking with one person who confided her experience, I knew it was the right choice of subject and that it was filling an enormous gap in the book market as there are so many victims who are unaware their health problems such as depression, post traumatic stress, suicidal feelings may be linked to sexual abuse experienced may years ago. The Porn Plague by Wilma Davidson

How long did it take to complete the book on child sex abuse?

It only took a few weeks to write the book Tears and Fears as there was such an abundance of information available from charities etc – the real problem was trying to find the correct name for the book. I did not want a name which made people cringe and I did not want a name which suggested sex as it was so important to pitch it just right. I kept a pad and pen at the side of my bed and every morning would write the first names which came into my head. In desperation I went to visit a well respected local medium for help. I sat in a chair in his office and before I had time to explain my problem he said “they are telling me you want a name for your book. They‘re saying Tears and Fears.” So that was the problem solved. It took more time to find a title than to write the book!

Before I had finished writing Tears and Fears I started collecting info for
the porn book as I knew I was meant to write this follow-up book to fight the epidemic which I believe is rapidly getting out of hand.

The Porn Plague was written in six weeks as I was motivated by the knowledge that it was important to get this message out into the world as quickly as possible to coincide with media articles on internet pornography.

I chose to self publish as I wanted these two books published quickly while the media was feeding us facts, so when the Irish Priests scandal hit the headlines I was motivated to get the book completed.

My gut feeling was that it would have been hard to find a publisher who would want to publish these sensitive subjects so self publishing seemed an easy option.

The books are available from Amazon.co.uk Amazon .com. Barnes and Noble etc. www.wilmadavidson.co.uk www.thepornplague.com

Advice to other writers

Self publishing is a quick and very easy way to get your book published as it avoids the delays and rejections linked to conventional publishing, but never consider self publishing unless you or a friend are prepared to do the marketing of the book. Unless it is a specialist subject, very few copies will be sold without a marketing plan.

I will be 77 years old next month – I have five grandchildren and a pet cat.
It may seem strange for an author of my age to write books on sex abuse and porn but confidence comes with age! I would probably not have had the courage to tackle these subjects when younger for fear of criticism!

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