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Ever wanted to fly your pet ‘furs class’?

A jet sharing service has been launched by Victor, that is targeted at dog owners wishing to take their companions with them on their travels – Providing the perfect answer for owners who can’t bear to have their pets travel cargo…

Furs Class - Victor Victor has created a ‘Pet Owners’ community so that owners can communicate with each other, flagging interest in preferred routes and dates in order to bring down the cost of jet charters enabling them to travel with their pet. Victor is the only place to book travel on a private jet on a per seat basis with prices comparable to business class fares on commercial airlines – owners simply book their dog a seat alongside them in the aircraft.

There are 27 million pets in the UK and dogs are by far the favoured companion; the pet industry is a fast growing multi-million pound business with dog owners regularly spending large sums pampering their animals. Such is the UK’s love of these devoted creatures that in 2012, the nation voted the most talented individual in Great Britain to be none other than the four legged furry kind. Dogs are very much part of the family but most owners do not realise that there is an alternative when travelling to the trauma of sending them boxed up as freight in the hold of an aircraft. Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan writes in his book ‘A Member of the Family: The Ultimate Guide to Living with a Happy Healthy Dog’: “I do not recommend flying your dog as cargo unless you have absolutely no other choice”.

In addition the peace of mind provided by travelling alongside their pets, owners can rest assured that Victor only works with DEFRA approved charter operators for flights with pets. On arrival at the private jet terminals, specially trained pet handlers will meet the aircraft and check the pet’s passport and micro-chip in the presence of its owner – the clearance time is significantly shorter than at commercial airports.

“Last time we flew commercial we could see our chocolate Labrador, Mr Boots, in the cage on the tarmac in Palma, it was 38 degrees of heat and they left him for one hour, we could do nothing about it. He was exhausted and dehydrated when we finally got him back. I was over the moon when Victor found us seats on a positioning flight from Palma to London, Mr Boots, sat on a seat next to me and spent most of the flight looking out of the window. I would have no hesitation in recommending Victor to another pet owner.” Comments Mr Layton, Victor member and pet owner.

Victor has joined forces with Chien Bleu, the specialist in luxury accommodation truly welcoming to dogs in order to extend the service to pets and their owners.

It is free to join Victor on www.flyvictor.com, once registered members can request quotes, search available seats and find other pet owners to share the cost of their charter within the Victor ‘Pet Owners’ community.

We are all animal lovers here at Featureworld and SellYourStoryUK. If you haven’t taken your dog or cat abroad yet but are considering it, have a read of our personal experience travelling with a cat and the hurdles you might have to overcome to travel with your pet: Is Crystal Britain’s Best Travelled Cat?

Do you have an interesting pet story? Perhaps you travel all over the globe with your pet by all different modes of transport? Let us know HERE

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