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Sometimes it is the case that for various reasons, we cannot sell a story when someone first comes to us. In these cases we always keep these on our books for potential future features in which they would fit in perfectly.

Jenny's Story The Sun PIPThis is one such story…

Sales assistant Jenny Avery, 35, came to us to sell her story about her PIP implants and how she still hasn’t had them removed because of the steep cost of the procedure – despite her agony and the profound health warnings. Her story appears in THE SUN newspaper.

Jenny, single mother of four, had her first boob job in 2003 after having her first two children. It cost her £4000 in savings and a loan but at the time, it was worth it.

However, in 2009 disaster struck when her left breast looked deflated and was subsequently told that her implant had flipped over so the back of it was now showing at the front – making it look flattened.

As the guarantee didn’t cover it, it meant that jenny had to pay another £4000 for the procudure – which, luckily, her partner at the time helped pay for.

However, problems began to arise with her right breast – the same thing had happened… and would cost another £4000. Jenny does not have the money for this procedure and is in so much agony that she has to take painkillers every day.

Now her breasts are starting to develop lumps which she is petrified about – her biggest fear is that the PIP implants are leaking.

Jenny feels that she had been treated badly by the clinic – when they sold the implants to her, she believed she was covered for something like this – but it now turns out that she is not.

Ultimately, they don’t seem to care.

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Jonathan Smith-Squire

Jon Smith-Squire is a reporter at Sell Your Story UK, The Magazine. A psychology graduate, he has a special interest in real life stories, human emotions and how we perceive the world around us.

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