Alarming Rise in Mid Life Anorexia…

Sister site Featureworld’s investigative story about the rise in eating disorders amongst women in their 40s, 50s and 60s appears in the DAILY MAIL

Ruth Hughes and Margaret Bradley in the Daily Mail - Mid-Life AnorexiaWith celebrities such as Madonna, 53, Sharon Stone, 54 and Elle McPherson, 49, looking ultra slim and glamorous in mid life, it’s not surprising that many of us are no longer happy to grow old and let ourselves go.
But as this investigation, which was for the Femail section of the Daily Mail, demonstrated, the problem can be knowing when to stop.
Three women featured in this piece. First there was Margaret Bradley, 65, who in her 50s had decided to diet because she worried about putting weight on as she grew older. Then there was Ruth Hughes, 49, who having seen an unflattering picture of herself in her forties, decided to go on a diet. And finally Rachel Evans, 42, who admitted as she gets older, she even does exercises in front of the TV to keep in a slim shape.
Featureworld also quoted a number of experts in the piece. One said women’s expectations of life as they get older are that they will be slim, they will have a good sex life and a good career. It is therefore not surprising that clinics are seeing more women suffering from eating disorders – something that was once seen as an issue for teenagers.

Ruth Hughes had also recently appeared in Woman magazine to talk about her anorexia and we were delighted to help her gain more awareness for this subject in the Daily Mail.

We would also like to thank the experts that gave up their time to contribute to this feature – their help and guidance was invaluable.

They were:

Mary George from the UK’s Leading Eating disorders charity, Beat
Dr Alex Yellowlees, consultant psychiatrist and Medical Director of the Glasgow Priory.
Adrianna Irvine, psychotherapist and Counsellor at Clinical Partners

Alison Smith-Squire

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